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    Niel Stofberg reacted to AlanB. in Centra Vario,vibrake, Sauer Cardigan & Others   
    I have for sale the following:
    1. Sauer Shooting Cardigan - Size L - Red and Black. 2 off. These are 85 pound new, I'm looking for 45 pound each.
    2. Centra Duo Vario Foresight - M18 - For Anschutz - Inside diameter 2.8 to 4.8mm - One red - One black.
    These are 160 pound new, I'm looking for 85 pound each.
    3. Centra level 1 - M18 - For Anschutz - One red. One black. These are 53 pound new. I'm looking for 28 pound each.
    4. Centra Tiny Iris. This is 130 pound new. I'm looking for 80 pound.
    5. Centra Vibrake with front raiser block - For Anschutz - This is 175 new. I'm looking for 110 pound.
    6. Centra Duplex Iris - This is 60 pound new. I'm looking for 35 pound.
    PM for photos.
    All prices taken from intershoot.
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    Niel Stofberg reacted to Mac in Anschütz 1913 In Grünig & Elmiger Rs Iii Stock   
    For Sale: Anschütz 1913 in a Grünig & Elmiger RS III Stock. I selected the 1913 from the factory in Ulm in 2008 and it has seen relatively light use over the years.
    I have swapped the original grip over onto my new rifle, so this one is brand new - size L.
    Comes complete with a Centra Action Stabliser and an 12" Uptagrafft Tuner Tube.
    New this combination would be well over £3,500 - looking for £1,500.

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    Niel Stofberg reacted to meltoc in Gemini Fr703   
    Above stock for sale includes Gemini buttplate.
    Grey in colour - good condition.
    Currently houses my bleiker action.
    What say £1250
    I'm going in another direction
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    Niel Stofberg reacted to meltoc in Grunig & Elmiger Stork - Revolution   
    as title
    This is one of the older ones blue aluminium stock - the one with the pink and yellow rubber "bits"
    Takes anschutz square action.
    Pictures on request..
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    Niel Stofberg reacted to skirmisher in Bleiker In Gemini Stock   
    sounds like you've made your mind up but I suggest not using RWS ammo as it is too fast - occasionaly going supersonic. We won't use it in our Bleikers as we've experienced this every time we try it and actually seen the result of a supersonic shot during testing at Eley. It seems to work for other barrels but we find it does not suit Bleikers.
    I'm using centre X or Midas with good results - barrel now 9 years old circa 8k round pa.
    Not sure a dodgy ejector is a good selling point - I've had 3 on mine and they do play up (wear) my last one lasted 6 years though.
    good shooting
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    Niel Stofberg got a reaction from Squishy in For Sale: Centra Vibrake For Anschutz   
    I tried to send a PM but it doesn't seem to go through.

    I would like take this item off your hands. How would you like to go about this?
    Payment: Paypal, Bank transfer, cheque?