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  1. skirmisher

    Tec-Hro Grub Screw

    3.84mm o/d points to M4 thread not M3.
  2. skirmisher

    Bleiker In Gemini Stock

    I'm only commenting on what I've seen in our Bleikers - loud shots going high - saw this also when using R50 as a control ammo at Eley - noticeably loud and shot went high out of group. I don't see this problem with any other ammo I use and I now use Lapua centre x mostly I've seen RWS used to great success by others - I'm not knocking the ammo - it just doesn't seem to work for us. I only offer this info as Meltoc may want to give his barrel another chance...
  3. skirmisher

    Bleiker In Gemini Stock

    meltoc, sounds like you've made your mind up but I suggest not using RWS ammo as it is too fast - occasionaly going supersonic. We won't use it in our Bleikers as we've experienced this every time we try it and actually seen the result of a supersonic shot during testing at Eley. It seems to work for other barrels but we find it does not suit Bleikers. I'm using centre X or Midas with good results - barrel now 9 years old circa 8k round pa. Not sure a dodgy ejector is a good selling point - I've had 3 on mine and they do play up (wear) my last one lasted 6 years though. good shooting Neil
  4. skirmisher

    Mec Ge 600

    Why? What's so good about it? skirmisher
  5. skirmisher

    M18 Centra High Ends Wanted

    44 mag, I have 3.8 / 1.2, and 4.0/1.2 interested?...please PM me rgds Skirmisher
  6. skirmisher

    Gemini 703 Stock [Sold]

    AlanB, Look at the forum rules, you state your price not ask for speculative offers.
  7. skirmisher

    Anschutz 13Xxxx For Sale ******sold*****

    Could not help myself but comment on this. The serial no. is within 9 digits of mine! Although the proof mark on mine is dated 1976. It was (is) an excellent rifle, bought it second hand in 1989 and went faultlessly until I 'retired' it in 2005. It has shot appx. 250,000 rounds and performed best latterly with midas L. If this example is anything like mine it will make someone a good rifle. Incidentally, although the trigger is the old design 2 stage, I found it excellent, never went wrong or required adjustment (I couldn't say the same for the modern replacement) rgds Skirmisher
  8. skirmisher

    Feinwerkbau P700

    Phil, What size is the pistol grip? Is this a R/H rifle - i.e. for shooting from the right shoulder? Rgds Skirmisher