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  1. anyone got a 37mm (ish) lens holder to fit varga frames/glasses. Got a 23mm rifle size lens holder for the above to swop or just purchase outright. Any help appreciated.
  2. castle

    Shooting Frame/glasses Wanted

    As above good quality shooting frames/glasses and bits
  3. castle

    Medium Grip For Morini 162Ei

    looking for medium grip for morini 162ei, i have Rink large grip that is too big so need to change, thanks 02380 284997
  4. castle

    Mec Handstop 2, For Sale (Sold)

    payment received , thanks for the interest now sold
  5. castle

    Mec Handstop 2, For Sale (Sold)

    provisionally sold - subject to the usual. Thanks for the interest
  6. castle

    Mec Handstop 2, For Sale (Sold)

    MEC Handstop 2, for sale, all with original container/packaging virtually unused £50 plus £2 postage. For sale elsewhere so first come first served, picture taken on carpet if you want a better pic please let me know.cheers
  7. castle

    Walther Rifle Case

    pm sent, awaiting phone call
  8. castle

    Anschutz 8002 Target Rifle (new)

    provisionally sold, cheers
  9. castle

    Anschutz 8002 Target Rifle (new)

    thanks for the interest, second rifle up for sale as the provisional purchaser had to pull out due to funding problem, cheers
  10. One sold to Steve - one to go. Literally brand new last week 2 x Anschutz 8002 target rifles. In the original boxes with all the bits and pieces, spare seals, allen keys, etc. The air tube has not been charged and no pellets fired through the rifles. They were bought for my brother but he has just been told that he is being posted overseas and can not use them. Selling for about £1000 each which is a big saving on new. Sights not included as i believe most people would prefer to use their prefered manufacturer. They are the red tube, black alu stock with pro grip version similiar to the one seen on the Edin Killie website. Any questions please feel free to ask via pm or otherwise. Cheers