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  1. got a correx, now sorted, thanks guys
  2. trying to get to about 200-400grams roughly, any ideas?
  3. as above trigger weight/pull guage wanted, please contact if you have anything, cheers (NOW SORTED. THANKS)
  4. remaining items, Walther Score Tunnel/foresight insert and Walther Up risers, price reduction. Walther universal handstop added. Cheers
  5. Walther Insight Out Match Diopter, cost over £500 new, barely used, (the pictures shows with Gehmann iris but is sold with the standard walther iris) SOLD to Easingwold232 Walther Universal Handstop with Walther push button sling fitting (nice tight fit) - £30 posted Walther Centra Score Tunnel, M18 with floating ring insert, cost new circa £90, barely used, SOLD to Herman Gehmann 510 Iris, (shown on Walther Diopter) with case (spanner under blue sponge), barely used. SOLD to Jason Walther Up risers, never been used, one rear riser and one foresight riser, Sold to Herman (Walther Insight Out diopter shown with Gehmann 510 Iris, standard Walther iris is shown further down the list of pictures) (Apologies for the reflections on the fore sight tunnel, very difficult to photograph!) Standard Walther Iris that will come with Insight Out diopter (case is for the Gehmann 510 iris when i take it off, i've left it on for the moment in case someone wants the Gehmann Iris on the Walther diopter)
  6. Kurt Thune Top Grip short finger glove cost £67 now - £45 posted (approx 85/90mm across knuckles +/-) Excellent condition, came as part of a package but i do not use a glove. (unused like new)
  7. payment received, now sold. Cheers.
  8. provisionally sold to 'z....a' subject to the usual, cheers.
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