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Vickers Martini

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There may be a market for historics depending on their age but I have no idea how much. At Bisley there are special competitions for the oldies and some trade in old rifles.


We had an old Vickers in our club that had had its barrel and stock shortened so that it could be used by yougsters starting out who couldn't manage the weight of a full size rifle.


Some years ago, before the historic comps started, we gave a selection to the NSRA on the basis that they weren't worth anything and hopefully they went to Scout Clubs etc as was indicated.

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Vickers Rifles are of considerable interest to collectors, being much less common than BSA of similar age. They were considered to be of better quality than BSA. This was reflected in the price, in 1937 the BSA range started at £4-17/6 and went up to £9-0. Vickers prices were from £8-10/- to £14-10/-


Please PM me and we can exchange email addresses to have a discussion.





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