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  1. Bear in mind John that under a Pony Club Rules she would be permitted to have the assistance of a loader. This would mitigate the cocking issue. Many FAS 604s haven’t been used for years and as a result need the seals replacing. It’s not a big job and worth doing. Rutty
  2. Try PM’ing John Marchant as he is a pistol coach and could probably provide advice. My three h’aporth Is that you would need something with a short trigger reach and the only pistol I can think of that fulfils that requirement is the FAS 604. Rutty
  3. Some time ago another forum member very kindly let me have a large quantity of The Rifleman from the 1950s-60s. I have gone through and and found a number of duplicate copies in these and my existing collection and therefore offer them to anyone interested. I have divided them into 2 lots and they are available for collection in the East Midlands or pick up from Bisley by arrangement: Lot 1 1949 September 1950 March September December 1951 March June 1952 September 1953 June 1955 September 1956 March June 1957 March June December 1958 June 1966 December 1967 June December Lot 2 1950 March September 1951 March 1958 June 1967 June Rutty
  4. Anschutz rearsight with Iris + Filter. Frontsight to fit 1413 series (i.e. dovetail block not dovetailed barrel). £75.00 inc postage. UK only Rutty
  5. It’s in the link I provided Tim, 1lb 15oz. However I confess that I haven’t weighed it myself. Rutty
  6. Unertl 20x scope In good condition but bearing minor marks from years of use. No optical defects and fine crosshair reticule. £200.00 + Carriage UK Only
  7. TEC-HRO Pistol Training Timer £15.00 inc postage - UK only Rutty
  8. Jackets for juniors can be hard to come by, especially left handed. As long as it's only prone your considering then the 10.9 Principle might be worth considering. I have noticed that quite a few schools seem to favour the Peritum Intermediate Jacket, if you're prepared to spend that much. They also operate a Hire Scheme that is a little cheaper. Hope this is of some assistance. Rutty
  9. Unfortunately the Disabled Shooting project ceased as a standalone exercise about 5 years ago and was taken in-house by British Shooting. Having consulted someone who knows a great deal more than most about VI Shooting in particular, this was his reply: So, nothing that I\he is aware of specifically for shooting. Should you find anything then it's been a well kept secret. You may be able to apply for assistance under more general terms, but only in respect of additional costs that you may incur because of your disability. Rutty
  10. 2 x Megalink 4K187 PC based targets for sale. Both targets now sold These have integral LED lighting and come complete with stand, pellet catcher, all cables and adaptors and MLShoot software. All that is required is a windows PC or Laptop. (not included) Collection preferred but pickup at Bisley might be possible £1500 each - contact Holwell Rifle Club: holwellrc@hotmail.co.uk Additional information The targets were acquired for use at 10m but prospective buyers might wish to note that the Edinkillie website now states: Rutty
  11. Late ‘90s! Those are still on the coffee table!🤓 Rutty
  12. I might be Neil, but it depends upon the date ranges. Rutty
  13. Hi Gordon, Gehmann manufacture the stands and replacement heads. The NSRA are Gehmann stockists https://gehmann.com/english/products.php?id=580&kategorie=12 Ken Nash was supplying them on a regular basis for VI shooting so they are available. Hope this helps, Rutty
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