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  1. The trite and unhelpful answer would be, whatever anyone is willing to pay. The more honest response is that I haven’t a clue. It seems a difficult time to sell this kind of item. Having had a couple of conversations lately with people interested in vintage and historic arms both told me that they just couldn’t find buyers for rifles and accessories that a few years ago would have sold easily. It does appear that the market has declined in a similar way to that of lot of the small antiques and collectibles. A good example is Goss Crested China, the link gives a good account of what has happened. Looking for similar items on Ebay usually turns up a wide range of prices, take a look at these for The Bell Medal; 56,000 of them struck! A collector is unlikely to pay more than £5.00 inc postage, maybe £10.00 if there’s something special about it. That doesn’t stop the speculative asking prices. Coming back to your sight sets, they’re not really in demand and they do appear quite frequently. Try a set at £50.00 and if they don’t sell try a couple of months later at £25.00. If they go put the next set on at £35.00. You could however ask £40.00 for the pair, I would have thought they might go for that. It’s a bit of guessing game, hope this gives some food for thought. Rutty
  2. If it doesn’t sell on this board, have you thought about trying www.airgunbbs.com ?
  3. Sportsman Gun Centre are showing them as available with delivery by the end of the month. Rutty
  4. Hello Guy, I know Gasman well; we are in the same club; he doesn't frequent the board much if at all. I do know that he sold his SCATT, however it just so happens that I have a similar one available. It's SCATT USB in its original box and is complete with original CD and cables etc. I've just plugged it in and it worked first time. I used to run it on an old laptop under XP so it might benefit from a software and\or firmware update. Both downloadable from the SCATT website. It can be yours for £350 + carriage. Rutty
  5. Hmm…. Let me Google that for you😁 HTH Rutty
  6. It is customary to include the price and method of payment. Rutty
  7. Victoria, I must point out that on this forum it is customary to include a price for the item you are selling. Rutty
  8. Just in case anyone is interested, I have available a selection of copies of The Rifleman. They are not complete runs just a few copies that are duplicates of my collection. They are in two lots 1949-1967 and a smaller lot 1950-1967. Free to good home postage only or collect from Melton Mowbray. Rutty
  9. Thanks for sharing this Morty. Anyone who doesn’t already know should note carefully “PayPal friends and family”. It’s what it says it is and there is absolutely no reason to use it for an above board transaction. Yes there is a transaction charge if you use a payment option but it also provides some protection, although not necessarily a lot. If there is anything the slightest odd or unusual about the payment method the walk away unless you can authenticate the seller by some means. Rutty
  10. Hello Racingt, we are currently reviewing our club firearms holding and it is possible that we might have something of interest to you available. As soon as the review is complete, if there is anything that might suit, I’ll contact you with details and photos.. Rutty
  11. What you need is one of these: Correx 500g Force Gauge Rutty
  12. It does depend a bit on body shape to get the best fit, but for my money just go for the Kurt Thune. They're worth it. I had a Mouche before, but found the KT much better. Rutty
  13. Bear in mind John that under a Pony Club Rules she would be permitted to have the assistance of a loader. This would mitigate the cocking issue. Many FAS 604s haven’t been used for years and as a result need the seals replacing. It’s not a big job and worth doing. Rutty
  14. Try PM’ing John Marchant as he is a pistol coach and could probably provide advice. My three h’aporth Is that you would need something with a short trigger reach and the only pistol I can think of that fulfils that requirement is the FAS 604. Rutty
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