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  1. Scammers are a problem in all peer-to-peer situations. Whilst a post count qualification for access to sales and wants might help it’s not the answer. The only defence is to be knowledgeable and wary, don’t be afraid to establish the other party’s bona fides. The real test however is when it comes to payment, this is the most difficult area for the perpetrator to scam and getting their hands on the cash is what matters to them. To put it quite simply: if the payment arrangements are not all above board and transparent then don’t do it! Rutty
  2. I post the following as a warning to all: Rutty
  3. I'm sorry for you Katanga, but it does seem that you have been done over. I hadn't paid any attention to this thread before as I'm not in the market for anything these days, but there are a number of quite good indicators that would suggest anyone should proceed with caution. Maybe it's time we had a guide to SCAM detection? In this case: 1. Seller's first post. 2. No location given. 3. The description and language would seem to indicate the seller is outside UK\Europe 4. The photos are a bit odd, appearing to have been cropped and the final one has been edited. What
  4. Just in case anyone is interested, I have available a selection of copies of The Rifleman. They are not complete runs just a few copies that are duplicates of my collection. They are in two lots 1949-1967 and a smaller lot 1950-1967. Free to good home postage only or collect from Melton Mowbray. Rutty
  5. Thanks for sharing this Morty. Anyone who doesn’t already know should note carefully “PayPal friends and family”. It’s what it says it is and there is absolutely no reason to use it for an above board transaction. Yes there is a transaction charge if you use a payment option but it also provides some protection, although not necessarily a lot. If there is anything the slightest odd or unusual about the payment method the walk away unless you can authenticate the seller by some means. Rutty
  6. Hello Racingt, we are currently reviewing our club firearms holding and it is possible that we might have something of interest to you available. As soon as the review is complete, if there is anything that might suit, I’ll contact you with details and photos.. Rutty
  7. What you need is one of these: Correx 500g Force Gauge Rutty
  8. It does depend a bit on body shape to get the best fit, but for my money just go for the Kurt Thune. They're worth it. I had a Mouche before, but found the KT much better. Rutty
  9. Bear in mind John that under a Pony Club Rules she would be permitted to have the assistance of a loader. This would mitigate the cocking issue. Many FAS 604s haven’t been used for years and as a result need the seals replacing. It’s not a big job and worth doing. Rutty
  10. Try PM’ing John Marchant as he is a pistol coach and could probably provide advice. My three h’aporth Is that you would need something with a short trigger reach and the only pistol I can think of that fulfils that requirement is the FAS 604. Rutty
  11. Some time ago another forum member very kindly let me have a large quantity of The Rifleman from the 1950s-60s. I have gone through and and found a number of duplicate copies in these and my existing collection and therefore offer them to anyone interested. I have divided them into 2 lots and they are available for collection in the East Midlands or pick up from Bisley by arrangement: Lot 1 1949 September 1950 March September December 1951 March June 1952 September 1953 June 1955 September 1956 March
  12. Anschutz rearsight with Iris + Filter. Frontsight to fit 1413 series (i.e. dovetail block not dovetailed barrel). £75.00 inc postage. UK only Rutty
  13. It’s in the link I provided Tim, 1lb 15oz. However I confess that I haven’t weighed it myself. Rutty
  14. Unertl 20x scope In good condition but bearing minor marks from years of use. No optical defects and fine crosshair reticule. £200.00 + Carriage UK Only
  15. TEC-HRO Pistol Training Timer £15.00 inc postage - UK only Rutty
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