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  1. Rutland Shooter

    Disabled Equipment.

    Hi Gordon, Gehmann manufacture the stands and replacement heads. The NSRA are Gehmann stockists https://gehmann.com/english/products.php?id=580&kategorie=12 Ken Nash was supplying them on a regular basis for VI shooting so they are available. Hope this helps, Rutty
  2. Rutland Shooter

    Turning Target Unit

    Given that the PA10 unit was specifically designed to replicate the same arc as the 25m Rapid Fire targets but at 10m then that should be fine. Also if you watch the first YouTube video with the 10m Air Pistol targets mounted you will be able to work it out. They are of course 170mm wide. Rutty
  3. Rutland Shooter

    5 shot air pistol

    Hello Jack, sorry but I will only do face-to-face on this one and that would clearly not be convenient. Rutty
  4. Rutland Shooter

    5 shot air pistol

    I have a Brno, where are you located? You may also be interested in this in the For Sale section . Rutty
  5. Rutland Shooter

    Tabular vs Grid Layout

    Given it a little time and still don't like it.
  6. Rutland Shooter

    Target changer- electric or manual

    Chris you have a PM
  7. Rutland Shooter

    Target changer- electric or manual

    How many are you looking for? Rutty
  8. Rutland Shooter

    Rifle Valuation

    You might wish to approach it a little differently. What would it be worth in its original stock and does the owner still have that stock? Now, what is the premium for the Ultra stock and what would that stock fetch if sold separately? I have a feeling that barrel and action in original stock + Ultra sold separately might yield a bit more. Rutty
  9. Rutland Shooter

    Can Anyone Identify This Handstop?

    it is certainly similar to the Freeland hand stop but I have only seen those in polished metal. You might like to try asking on Target Talk.
  10. Rutland Shooter

    Kit Clear Out - Free Stuff + All Sorts

    No. 19 - Strange Tool This used to be supplied with the FWB 300 series rifles Rutty
  11. Rutland Shooter

    Tec-Hro Box For Timed Pistol Training

    Yes please. Cannot send PM as your inbox is not accepting new messages. Rutty
  12. Rutland Shooter

    Walter Lg 300 Xt Alutec And Bits And Pieces Of Kit Etc

    David, Please read the sticky at the top of the for sale section. You need to state the price and acceptable means of payment. Rutty
  13. Rutland Shooter

    Custom Sprayed 1907 .22 Rifle Stock

    Carol, Hotfoot is correct. You should read the "pinned" thread at the top of the for sale section. There are plenty of places on the internet where you may determine the price being asked for a 1907 stock. Whether the finish makes any difference; plus or minus; is your call, but ultimately the market will decide. If you do wish to sell it on here, you should state your asking price and the methods of payment. Rutty
  14. Rutland Shooter

    Advice On Buying A Rifle In Europe

    Tim that was from personal experience. When I collected the barrel I signed a declaration that I was aware that it required to be offered for proof should i subsequently decide to sell or dispose of it for other than scrap. As it was I took it to the Birmingham Proof House myself; as you could in those days; because it was more convenient than sending it there. However you are probably correct in that most gunsmiths would have it re-proofed to be on the safe side and ensure that they had discharged; and exceeded; their duty of care. Rutty
  15. Rutland Shooter

    Advice On Buying A Rifle In Europe

    Illogical it may be, but that's the way it is. If you had a barrel re-chambered (physical alteration to a pressure bearing component) or fitted a new barrel you would not have to have the barrel re-proofed unless you sold it. However it's no more illogical than the Proof House proposal a few years ago that all barrels should undergo periodic re-proof. I cannot see the point in carrying out a potentially destructive test when there are now a number of non-destructive alternatives available that would only involve a standard load. As TimS noted, with CIP one does wonder why we need to continue with national testing. Rutty