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  1. Walther Gsp Pistol Grip And Steyr Lp1 Grip

    Hello, anyone home??
  2. Walther Gsp Pistol Grip And Steyr Lp1 Grip

    Hi, What size is the Walther grip? Is it right hand? Majex45
  3. Steyr Lp2/lp10 Pistols

    Three for sale here... http://forum.stirton.com/index.php/topic/5849-steyr-lp2-x-3/
  4. Linatex Rubber Sheet

    Linatex themselves will supply but in larger quantities than normally required. Give them a try.
  5. Walther Spares

    Wanted. I have found the rear sight elements for a Walther GSP pistol. It is just a small piece of flat stamped steel with two slots to clip it onto the rearsight. I'll pay £X.xx each plus postage and Paypal fees. (They were only just over £5 each new). Still required Other target pistol spares also considered W.H.Y? Majex45
  6. I am after some spares for a Mk II International. The tumbler (tear-drop shaped piece of steel that goes between the forks of the lever). A PH 25 rearsight (any suffix). Possibly a complete butt. This is to rescue a 1956 made rifle from the ebay breaker-rats. I might buy a complete, but damaged, rifle if that is the only way to go. (I have access to a tame RFD). This rifle has a PH 5C sight fitted, which I believe is a full-bore sight. Swaps welcome.
  7. Bsa Martini International Mk Ii Spares

    Thanks for the suggestions folks. I have filed one to shape but now need to case-harden it. Casenite is no longer available, what shall I use? I will try Mr Knibbs if I don't succeed.
  8. Bsa Martini International Mk Ii Spares

    That's almost as much as the complete rifle!
  9. Free Pistol Grips

    Wanted: Grips and other spares for Russian (Vostok, Margolin etc) Free Pistols + model MU55-1 + model TOZ-35 + model MU 2-3 Grips and other spares for a Britarms 2000 MK 2 Grips and other spares for Walther GSP. Factory supplied grips especially wanted but aftermarket and home made ones also aceptable. I would also love to get the original boxes to house any of the above. Rearsight blades for the Britarms and the GSP. In fact...whatever you have that is related to target pistol shooting. I am in the UK.
  10. 50 M And Standard Pistol Bits

    Hi, I thought this would be the best place to find some goodies for some rather specialised pistols. A long shot but if you don't ask... I am looking for any spares, bits or items for some target pistols. I am especially interested in grips, original or modified for: TOZ-35 MU 2-3 MU55-1 All these are Russian. Also a rearsight blade for the TOZ-35 Anyone still have the original wooden box? Any spares etc for a Britarms 2000 Mk2 Any bits (especially the original grips) for a Walther GSP. What have you? Stuck in the back of your gun cupboard. They are required in the UK, I am not a dealer. PM or email for/with more details. Majex45
  11. I've just bought a BSA Lightweight International MK II thanks to the generosity of my (working) wife. I now need a sling (preferably an old one - anyone got a Mexico Sling?) this is for classic shooting as it's all I can afford nowadays. I would also like to find a way of raising the sights about half an inch - does anyone have "raiser blocks" (I think that's what they are called). - I'm SO out of touch with rifle shooting. I'm still looking for accessories for a S&W 686/586 (firearm, not air - Millet sights, grips, barrel weight, even a pistol rug) and any info/bits/instructions for a Vostok MU55-1 free (50m) pistol.
  12. Target Rifle Accessories (Only) Wanted

    Thanks Tim, yes good info. I might try to make a riser block for the front sight (I'm a dab hand with a file) and see if the rear sight will "stretch" that far. I've bid on some slings on ebay but always get outbid (usually in the last three seconds).
  13. Champion Frames For Sale

    What are you doing with the old frames? I've just bought a vintage (1959) BSA International (remarkably low price for such a nice old rifle and if I hadn't bought it it was going to be turned into a bunny-basher) but cannot see anything through the sights with my old eyes. I'll give them a good home (if the price is reasonable).
  14. Lots Of Club Rifles!

    A list of items with prices would be useful now. I think a similar thing happened to my old club (Shefffield Uni) where the union was very anti-shooting. I'm after a single point sling, preferably an old one for post-classic .22 target rifle. Have you got a Mexico sling?
  15. Lots Of Club Rifles!

    What's up? Have you lost your range? Try contacting the NRA or NSRA for alternatives.
  16. .32 Walther Gsp

    Hi, It's me again... I am now looking for a Walther GSP in .32. Stored in the UK with a S5 dealer. Anyone?
  17. Swaging

    Anyone got a bullet swaging setup they no longer want (Nalan, Corbin or one of the standard manufacturers, like RCBS)? I want to swage .32 & .38 bullets.
  18. Steyr Lp10 Air Pistol For Sale ***sold***

    Hi, I'm very interested in the pistol. Before we go any further, can I have a few more photos, especially the end of the barrel, rear sight, etc (the bits that may catch on things)? WRT purchasing, are you willing to send to my local RFD in Hastings? The way it will work is: I give him the cash, he lets you know, you send the pistol to the dealer, he checks it out, if it's OK he sends you the money, if not he returns it to you Special Delivery.
  19. Steyr Lp10 Air Pistol For Sale ***sold***

    Hi, Whereabouts are you? Do I understand that you have two grips? What size is the original Steyr grip (if you still have it)? Majex45
  20. Free Pistol

    I am looking for an unmodified (section 5) free pistol. I would prefer a very modern one like the Mammerli or Morini. If it has been used in competition, so much the better. Full details on application.
  21. Free Pistol

    Found one! Now need a few bits. See new thread.
  22. Vostok

    Wanted: Any instructions, case or accessories or spares for a VOSTOK mu (or MC) 55-1 Free Pistol (50 m pistol).
  23. Free Pistol

    Thats what you call intriguing. I presume you're going to export it (just me being nosey). Actually, no. I have one on section 7(3) but I'm having difficulty finding one. Do you know of one in strorage?
  24. Free Pistol

    There are UK shooters that have free pistols in storage in Switzerland, but I doubt there'd be many if any that are 'very modern'. Rob. Thanks Rob, I'm looking for one in the UK ideally. Some people still have them in storage with S5 dealers. Any type would do but preferably with a low bore line. I have been offerd a Toz but it is rather agricultural c/w the European models. Majex45
  25. Steyr Lp5 For Sale

    Yes, please I'd like a piccy. Have the cylinders been changed as well or are they longer than the barrel? Does it have the target sights? Would you be willing to go through an intermediary RFD to safeguard us both? (I give him the money, he lets you know, you send pistol, once he has checked it out, he pays you and lets me have the pistol). Majex45 Yes I will post up some pics tomorrow and I would be happy with a RFD intermediary as I think I would be obliged to use one anyway as I cannot conduct a face to face sale with you. The cylinders are the short ones as per the LP2 and the sights are the original from the LP5. Hope that answers your points and I will get the pics up ASAP/ Moriniman I look forward to them, the pistol will be for the wife, do you have the single shot bar as well? Can you tell me why the pistol was modified?