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  1. I'm looking for some right hand, large grips for a C55P air pistol. They are held on with two screws from the side rather than a bolt from the bottom. Anyone got some to spare? Original or after market (Rink, Morini, Bowler etc) considered.
  2. I now am the proud possessor of a Feinwerkbau C55P (thank you John & Mark). Does anyone know where I can get spare pellet slides (single shot, 5 shot and dry fire) at less than an arm & a leg?
  3. I may have found one. I'll keep you posted.
  4. I thought I had a nice BRNO B96 there for a while but the seller changed his mind. So I am stll looking for a B96, steyr LP5 or 50 or Feinwerkbau or similar 5-shot 10m PCP or CO2 pistol.
  5. Hi Sian, I am interested in your posts. You have PM. Majex45
  6. I am looking for a 5 shot competition pistol. Air prefered but CO2 considered. Steyr looks favourite or Feinwerkbau. What have you? South East prefered or send to my local registered firearms dealer.
  7. Please can I have more details on items 4 & 7? Photos, specs etc?
  8. In which county do you reside please? I would be interested provided it is possible to come and view before purchase.
  9. majex45


    Thanks, too far.
  10. majex45


    What happened to the butt on the MK II? It looks to be a replacement. Which county are these in?
  11. majex45

    Hammerli AP 40

    As phone call.
  12. Hi, What size is the Walther grip? Is it right hand? Majex45
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