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Two Athlon Mp 2200+ Processors (retail)

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As above, I have two M(ulti) P(rocessor) Athlons for sale if anyone is interested?


Here they are on EBuyer:


@ £239.39 for 2 of them delivered.


I have 2 of them, still in their boxes and thought I would give fellow forum users the first chance to snap these up. Looking for offers around £180.


(Or I might just have to use them myself and have a stupidly fast machine)


If you are interested, then give me a shout.




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Guest PeterTaylor

You could say that the Machine will be stupidly fast.


I build a twin Proc Athlon with 2 GB of RAM and 2 * 120 GB hard disks at the end of last year,

(Why, why not. Actually it is a long story but I won the bet in the end)


Is it quick, I’ll say it is.


But when I asked it the question

‘What is the meaning of life the universe and every thing’

It was quicker than deep though in returning the answer, but it still comes up with the answer 42.


I do know that 6 * 9 = 42 and not 54 (that is in base 13)



PS Its summer I have to much time on my hands, all the students have gone home for the summer hols, all the computers are running fine, all the Pigs are feed and ready to fly.

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Guest PeterTaylor

I used a Asus A7M266-D, which I purchased it from Overclockers, along with the CPU's and cooling fans.


Personal Computer World did a comparisons of a number of Mother boards in their September or October edition last year.

There was a section on the dual processor mother boards for AMD, Asus came out the best. So that is what I used.


ON Monday I will try and find the magazine to see what the other Motherboards were that they tested. Problem is the Magazine has now left the workshop and is now the Department Common Room, so it may take a day to track down.

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Don't worry Peter, if I do decide to keep them then it would likely

be the Asus that I go for. I was hoping that they might come out

with an improved bus speed, AGP, etc, version soon :D

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