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  1. Still for sale - have sent you an email 👍
  2. I think Tim is correct - the barrel wording is consistent with this (Anschutz-Modell Match 54)
  3. Hi slug33ukuk, possibly the price got lost in the text a bit:
  4. I hope this is ok as a first post 😳, I couldn't find anything in the rules that said otherwise. If not apologies to the admin... For sale is my Anschutz Match 54 rifle sitting in a Walther KK200 aluminium stock. The rear sights are Anschutz with a Gehmann iris. Front sights are Centra Score Plus with Centra high end inserts, there's a red one on the rifle and a spare clear and red as well. The bipod is Centra folding. The buttplate is a MEC Free (the hook is included but not currently fitted, you can see it in the photos).The only thing not included that is pictured are the offset sight blocks as I would like to use these on my new rifle. The hard case for the rifle and sights are included, as is the bore guide. Face to face transfer preferred (either near Bristol or Bisley once lockdown ends) or I can do RFD to RFD but will want fees covered. Looking for around £900 but happy for offers
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