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  1. I'll take both the foresights if they're still for sale? Jamie
  2. Can I have first dibs on the gehmann? And do you have any pictures?? Jamie
  3. J444MYY

    .22 rifle sights

    Hello all I'm after a set of potentially anschutz fore and rear sights for a .22 Anschutz 1907 rifle. Would like something very cheap and cheerful currently although I'm happy to spend some cash! Anyone have anything lying about?? Jamie
  4. Hamy I've replied to your email. If still available I'll come have a look unless your going to be anywhere near Gatwick?? Jamie
  5. Sounds good . I'll check my shifts and see if I can come down I'm about 49 mins away from Bisley near Gatwick! My email jamiewheeler10@msn.com if you want to send me some pictures etc I'm very interested. Jamie
  6. Do you have any more pictures you could send me and I would like to arrange RFD to RFD if possible as I'm Bisley, UK kind of way! Jamie
  7. Hi Hamy144. Is the anschutz still available?
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