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  1. If the barrel has the grooves cut into it (as opposed to a block on top of it) then you shouldn't need the raiser block - the sights are designed for 19xx and 20xx series rifles.
  2. While Centra sights will attached to the older foresight dovetail mounts, you may well need to put a 4mm riser block under the rearsight.
  3. I hear you've worked out how to shoot kneeling at last! Good shoot at the weekend (1164 for those that haven't heard).
  4. Mac

    Wanted - Left Handed Stock

    Jamie - ask Tricia, she might still have one.
  5. Mac

    Wanted - Left Handed Stock

    You could always do what I've been suggesting for months and make an insurance claim for the damned thing!
  6. The International Biathlon Union
  7. Summer biathlon is being taken over by the ISSF
  8. Mac

    Wanted Free Or Cheap To A Good Home

    Lottery funding for sport is administered in Scotland by SportScotland. Alternatively, try your local sports council - Fife have been supportive of other clubs in your area.
  9. Mac

    Wanted Free Or Cheap To A Good Home

    It depends which country you are in - lottery funding is administered differently in each of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales.
  10. Mac

    Air Pistol

    ...or this version...
  11. Mac

    Air Pistol

    I think this is what Paul is talking about...
  12. Mac

    10m Target Changer

    I have a Rika "World Champion" 10m Target Changer for sale - never used, still in the boxes. NSRA list price is £259, you can have it for £200 plus p&p if required.
  13. Mac

    Anschutz Stock

    Same story here - my 12 year old started shooting with Shirley's old 1807, but we are moving her onto the Gemini stock because it is a little shorter, and we can get some decent adjusment on the cheek-piece. Don't think Shirley will want to sell the wooden stock though, it's the one she won Gold at CG in 1994 with... There should be plenty of wooden stocks around though - lots of women just bought a new stock when the conversion to Sport Rifle came in 1997.
  14. Mac

    Anschutz Stock

    Hi Mary You can get a System Gemini standard rifle stock right now on special offer from HPS - much better than a wooden one - see http://www.hps-tr.com
  15. Mac

    Rifle For Sale

    I have had details passed to me of a Walther KK200 Power Match smallbore rifle and a Hämmerli AR50 Alu Pro air rifle for sale, in the north of Scotland. They come with some accessories. Anyone interested, PM or e-mail me and I'll let you have more details.
  16. Mac

    Forum Time

    Yeah, but that applied to the old software. Surely this new, super-duper, version can cope with daylight saving automatically
  17. Mac

    Centra Sight Accessories

    Rearsight Iris, 0.8 - 1.8mm £35 Foresight Iris "Vario" - Level Bars or Cross Hairs. Adjustable from 2.3 to 4.3mm, 1.6mm ring thickness. For M18 tunnels. £70 Spirit Level for M18 tunnel - £30 Score Plus M18 Foresight tunnel (with 8mm elevation) available to fit FWB, Walther or Anschütz (note - no rearsight raiser included) - £45 Prices do not include shipping... PM or E-mail me if you are interested
  18. Mac

    Headspace gauge

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some headspace gauges for a smallbore rifle? Mac
  19. Mac


    Full results aren't available - the NSRA won't post results of competitions as they've been advised that it would breach data protection legisation in the UK (contrary to the advice that was received in Scotland). There was some discussion about the results in the "National" forum on this site, and there are some photos and results (from a Scottish perspective) on the SSRA site.
  20. I saw a set of offset sight bars on the Centra UK stand at the British Airgun, and I think Centra just launched a new version at the IWA show. Where is the sight mount on your rifle - if it is a side mount then you will be struggling - these are all designed around a top mount like smallbore/air rifles.
  21. Mac

    Headspace gauge

    Yup. I'm booked into Eley at the end of March, but that doesn't help if I want to check other peoples rifles, or modify the headspace on my own... Mac
  22. Mac

    Walther Sights

    It might be worth considering getting a new tunnel from Centra UK - they are available for Walther as well as Anschutz etc. Good tunnels, don't think they are too expensive. Mac
  23. Mac

    Edinkillie Sport Services

    Unless of course it happens to be night time in Japan, which it is for a fair amount of my working day... Mac
  24. Mac

    Edinkillie Sport Services

    For those who don't already know, Shirley and I have now setup a company - Edinkillie Sport Services - whose primary function is to supply good quality shooting equipment, hopefully at reasonable prices We are the UK agent for Monard shooting clothing, with a range of jackets, trousers, gloves etc to suit a range of budgets, starting at £68 for junior jackets and £87 for adult jackets. In addition to ISSF clothing, we can also supply jackets for Paralympic rifle shooters. We also have agencies from HPS Target Rifles for System Gemini stocks, butt plates and accessories and from ShootingStuff in New Zealand, and are looking to expand our range of products over the coming months. Visit our website at http://www.edinkillie.co.uk or send me a message if you would like a paper catalogue. Mac
  25. Mac

    Edinkillie Sport Services

    Should be working now. Swines at my ISP had mapped a directory and not told me :x Mac