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  1. Please see the Fraud Alert thread for the background / reasoning.
  2. I thought that one of my "spare" 22M adjustable foresight irises would be good to go when I went for a quick shoot at Bisley today. Sadly, there was an issue with the iris functionality / cross bars, so I'm trying to find another one - but in the 4.0 - 6.0 range or very similar sizing - the smaller range is no good as I use a 0.5 eagle eye, so the larger range is needed. Don't mind if it is a single horizontal bar, one with a "cross" facility, or a clear ring. I do have a 22M Centra Vario Swing iris (2.8 - 3.8), single horizontal bar, that I would be willing to swap.
  3. I have decided to move to 22mm foresight tunnels on all my rifles, makes it much easier to swap irises, diopters, etc, & should give a more constant sightline. So, selling my RightSight (30mm) - it will also help fund a different hand stop for my "old" Gemini RPA so that it matches the one on my new rifle - previous one is smaller (will be for sale at some stage in the future). Offers over £300 please - the RightSight has a 0.5 diopter, integral spirit level, rain / glare tubes & a 4.0 - 6.0 iris (single horizontal bar), spare locking washer / attachment knob & solid rubb
  4. Super, many thanks. Yes please to both - if you PM me BACs details, I'll sort out a transfer / address.
  5. I've passed this on to a couple of people who might be able to assist.
  6. Not the cheapest - but any good?
  7. Trying to "standardise" my foresights for both FB & SB; need another 22M 0.5 dioptre eagle eye. Before I drop about £35 in the direction of Intershoot (unless anyone knows of a cheaper supplier?), anyone got one that they want to flog please?
  8. Seen this one?? Maybe ask about the pistol without the glasses?
  9. Still waiting please for more details about the barrel - what type, length & twist? If not known, you can measure a twist:
  10. He actually has 2, one for short range, one for long range. Was chatting to him for about 30 mins on Sat night. His 1000x QF plot is shown. As always, it is the “nut to trigger” interface that makes the biggest difference - especially holding good elevation & making accurate wind calls. A Swing is good for pricing, which might explain popularity - much cheaper than looking for an equivalent rifle with a metal stock or more modern action - for example, a Barnard action only is about £1300 with trigger!
  11. Thanks - but looks like London Proof Mark. At least it’s a stainless barrel - if it’s 30” then it’s likely to be 1:13 as a fairly normal “standard.”
  12. Depending on barrel type, it’s about half-life if maintained well. So, barrel type (Krieger, Bartlein, etc) + length + twist are essential items to know.
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