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  1. Just run-in / zeroed my Paramount last Fri - new 1:13 Kreiger, 30" barrel fitted by him - all very neat & tidy. After running it in, had a quick shoot on an e-tgt at 300x - 50.8 was the best score, both the dropped V's were down to me! 😉
  2. MIke Jenvey


    Just to point anyone in his direction (I have a vested interest as I'm getting an action done over winter! 😉 ), if anyone is looking to have any re-bluing done, this is a possible option: David Crispin Crispin Engineering Ltd. Hut 60 Bisley Camp Queens Road Brookwood GU24 0NP
  3. I would like to recommend this company should you need to have a rifle / shotgun / pistol woodwork that needs to be refreshed. Specialist Stocks & Finishing Ltd Before & after pictures, my Paramount stock that hadn’t been cleaned up for over 10 years! Rob Libbiter has worked miracles. Stripped all the rubbish off & then a 2 coat varnish, only £75 + postage (£15 in this case). Very happy to recommend - he can do a deeper gloss finish - about £20 or so more, & of course, stain to your chosen colour & conceal repairs. I can PM individual photos if required rather than the “composite” shots below. Contact: roblibbiter “at” gmail.com
  4. There might be a Gemini / RPA combination becoming available via a friend.
  5. MIke Jenvey

    7.62 TR.

    A Mk3 Swing here. Musgrave. RPA Quadlock Neilson
  6. B*gger! Didn't notice that! 😆
  7. Hmmm, might be a tight budget, unless a good Swing comes along. Brand new barrel, proofed = circa £800, so say at least £500-£600 for a low use example. Action = new Barnard-P is about £1300-£1400. At least £1000 for second hand? Sights - decent rear sight (Centra), maybe £400. Foresight - 22mm ladder = £130. Say £400 second hand, no irises (£150+?). Stock - £500 -> lots if Gemini! Adding that up = £600 + £1000 + £400 + £500. = £2500? Fairly standard Swing here - only 28" barrel though. How about this Quadlock?
  8. What's your budget? Fultons (always a bit more expensive!) have a nice looking RPA Quadlite, £2495.
  9. Just hover your mouse over my screen name / icon, & you should get a pop-up which will have a message option to click on.
  10. Yep, it is. All yours. Please PM me address, etc, & I'll confirm BACS, postage, etc. Will also send a couple of photos.
  11. Standard Anschutz dovetail - the tunnel is almost flush to the top of the mounting (by about one mm?). Silly me - yep, edited, thanks.
  12. After a clear out at Bisley over the recent Imperial meeting, I have the following items for sale (+ postage costs of course). Piccies via PM - too big on data for direct linking. 1. Anschutz 6226 round adjustable hand stop / sling attachment (silver) - £20. SOLD (£40 new) 2. 32x WIDE (TSE-14WB) eyepiece for 800 series 'scopes - excellent condition, it will fit TSN 821, 822, 823 & 824 models. - £105 (free ESE sling claw 😉 ) Example only 3. Assorted 18mm foresight elements - sequentially ranging from 2.6 to 4.6, but a few (2.8, 3.4, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 & 4.3 are missing); some of the smaller sizes are duplicated / & or blade elements.. These have been hidden away for yonks in an old St Bruno tobacco tin, so a few may need a clean up before use (most are clean). Metal elements are £4.00 with Intershoot, so £30 for the lot is a bargain! SOLD 4. 22mm Centra tunnel foresight - think it is the "Score" model, black, very good condition - £35. SOLD (£67 new) 5. 0.5 eagle eye (with deep collar) - will not fit Centra sights (short collar needed for Centra) - £7.50. SOLD
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