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    Ft,HFT, 10m Pistol and Rifle, Clay Shooting
  1. Try the Lord Roberts centre at Bisley, shop and admin staff wanted.
  2. Ted

    Feinwerkbau P44 Target Pistol

    Do you still have the size: Large, convex, 0 degree, thick Rink grip for sale ? Ted
  3. Ted

    Stativ 10M Shooting Stand

    Wanted for a new shooter a Stativ shooting stand with pellet tray
  4. Ted

    Styer Lp50E

    Where in the country are you located ?
  5. Ted

    Fwb Model 65 Air Pistol For Sale

    Great gun. Thanks for a good transaction. Wife has already produced two good cards Regards Ted
  6. Ted

    Fwb Model 65 Air Pistol For Sale

    Intrested pm sent