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  1. TenexUser

    Bleeker Wooden Stock

    You have a friend?
  2. TenexUser

    Lapua Midas + Ammunition For Sale

    PM sent
  3. TenexUser

    Prone Equipment Clear-Out - Bargains Within

    PM sent
  4. TenexUser

    Everything Must Go!

    PM sent.
  5. TenexUser

    Champion Shooting Glasses For Sale

    Thanks Brian I will be down at Bisley on Sat 20th for the British Air Gun Champs be grateful if you would bring them down so I could have a look & try a pair. Regards Chris
  6. TenexUser

    Champion Shooting Glasses For Sale

    Hi I'm interested in the shooting glasses, could you tell me if they are boxed? and do they have any clamps to take a smaller lens? Thanks