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  1. border

    Steyr Pistol Grip

    I have an old Steyr grip made by Leslie Bowler. It has been adjusted for previous owner but still servicable and would allow a person to personalize a grip for themselves without carving up the factory supplied one. £25 plus postage.
  2. border

    Morini Air Pistol for sale

    Morini match air pistol for sale in top condition. £750. Send email address for details/ photographs.
  3. As above Anschutz leather sling for a left hander. Never been used. £25
  4. As above. Bought and virtually never used. Possibly a minor scratch or two on stock from sitting in gun cupboard. Will have fired just a few shots. £275. A fraction of new price.
  5. border

    Holme Junior Shooting Jacket

    Sorry for delay. Jacet has been sold.
  6. border

    Holme Junior Shooting Jacket

    Holme junior shooting jacket. Bought for my daughter at age 13 and used for 2-3 years. Used but still very useable, £20.
  7. border

    Anschutz 1407

    Anschutz 1407 from the 1970s. Owned and stored corretly by me for around 25 years. Proven accuracy of over 590 training and recorded 589 in 50m outdoor prone. Good condition £225
  8. border

    Gehmann Shooting Boots

    A pair of brand new, never worn, Gehamann shooting boots in size 11. Only £70 plus postage at cost.
  9. border

    Anschutz 1407

    Tim Yes, it has the wing safety.
  10. border

    Anschutz 1407

    Anschutz 1407 from the late 1970s. In my ownership for around 25 years and stored properly. Used my daughter (before buying a 1907 select barrel) to shoot over 590 at 50m in training a a recorded match pb of 589 at 50m. So it still shoots pretty well. Ideal for a person not wanting to spend a fortune/ a young person satrting out. Includes sights, foresight elements, glove, handstop, Anschutz leather sling. £225. Pics available.
  11. I have for sale a Walther GSP pistol grip brand new. £60. Also a Bowler grip to fit the Steyr LP1 pistol. Used but would enable you to customize yourself a grip without ruining the factory one. £25. If interested please email me for a picture.
  12. border

    Anschutz 1407 For Sale

    I have to sell an Anschutz 1407. It is of proven accuracy - my daughter shot 589 in competition with it over 590 in training before buying a 1907 select. Good condition. £225. Please email me if you would like a photograph
  13. border

    Anschutz Hard Rifle Case

    I have for sale an unused, though sadly damaged, Anschutz hard case. It could be the same as this one/ very similar: http://www.schiesssport-buinger.de/shooting/Riflecasecases It has never been used but was damaged in transit - a lock on the end was broken off. Please email me for photos - too large to upload Price - £35.
  14. I have a pair of Gehamnn Shooting Boots size UK 11 never used after being bought so they are effectively as brand new. £65 plus postage
  15. border

    Anschutz 1913

    Anschutz 1913 for sale. I bought the rifle around 10 years ago as a nearly new rifle from a club member who had bought it for prone and found it just was not as easy to shoot as he thought it would be. I had all good intensions to use it but found myself with no time and so it has sat oiled up in the cupboard since except for a few minor outings. Now, time has changed and though I could find time i have lost interest and so wish to sell. The rifle is in absolutely excellent condition and would make a great alternative to buying a new rifle for £800. If any one is interested I will email photos. Located in Yorkshire
  16. border

    Anschutz Rifles For Sale

    Anschutz 1913 in wooden stock with front and rear sights, handstop, wrench and manual. I bought this around 12 years ago from a club member who bought it and never used it so it was virtually new to me. In the since I have barely used it and only now with time to spare have I found that I am no longer interested. The gun has shot 100s not 1000s of rounds. It has some marks on the underside of the pistol grip caused by the lock of my gun cupboard but otherwise is once again barely touched. £1100 might sound like a lot of money but if you want top, hardly used rifle for around half price of a new one then I think you would be very pleased with this. Anschutz 1407 in shortened wooden stock with sights, handstop and manual. Nothing like the 1913 above but then £250 Anschutz 64 ms Silhouette rifle with manual Sadly I inherited this rifle. Like the 1913 above it has been hardly used and suffers the same bumps on the grip from the gun cabinet (it is likley they could be steamed out). Nearly a new rifle for £425 - around half new price again I think. If interested I will send photos Border 07766 280 482
  17. border

    Gehmann Shooting Boots

    As above size 11. Never worn! £75. Can send a photo if interetsed. Border 07766 280 482
  18. border

    Shooting Boots Wanted

    Looking for a pair of size 5 1/2 or 6 shooting boots. Thank you Border
  19. border

    Metal Stock Wanted

    Wanted Metal stock suitable for Anschutz 14 series Border
  20. border

    Walther Gsp Sport Rifle

    Selling an as new, almost unused Walther GSP semi auto rimfire. Has not even been fully assembled and looks as new. New £1625. This one £1125 - big saving. Border
  21. border

    Anschutz Sling - Left Hand

    brand new left hand anschutz sling £25 01405 860378
  22. border

    Walther Gsp Rifle

    walther gsp rifle. bought but not used. absolutley as new. £1200 01405 860378
  23. Looking to obtain a jacket for my 12 year old daughter. Anything out there that may be suitable?? Thanks, Border