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  1. Massimo

    Kurt Thune Boots

    Now sold
  2. Massimo

    Kurt Thune Boots

    Size 42, roughly UK size 8-8.5. Very light use, I am looking for £45 plus p&p.
  3. Massimo

    Ahg Stenvaag Strong Boots

    You have PM. Where are you on the island?
  4. Massimo

    Pardini Gpr-1 Air Rifle

    Very light use, be sad to see it go. Near mint condition. £1900 ono. Owner in Scotland.
  5. Massimo

    Fwb 2700 Free Rifle

    PM sent....
  6. Massimo

    Final Sell Off

    Yes, some idea of prices you're looking for would be handy; I could be interested in a number of the items
  7. Massimo

    Kurt Thune Trousers

    Yep that'd be ideal... Time's a bit tight for me evening-wise this week but I could meet you on Thursday afternoon or Saturday perhaps. Just drop me a mail at the usual address if you like... I tried PM'ing you earlier but your mailbox seems nuked Cheers Colin
  8. Massimo

    Kurt Thune Trousers

    I might be interested in these...I would like to have a go at air when I can find the time and am local at least. Cheers, Colin
  9. Massimo

    Kurt Thune Trousers

    I've sent you a message on this
  10. Massimo

    Fwb 700 Alu / Noptel St 2000

    I sent you a private message...
  11. Massimo

    Steyr Lg1 Ssp

    You have PM
  12. Massimo

    For Sale - Feinwerkbau P70 In Wooden Stock

    The value would have shot up today!
  13. Massimo

    Instruction Manual For An Fwb 601

    You could try approaching Feinwerkbau. Leave an e-mail on their site and throw yourself upon their mercy. I didn't have a manual for my 2602 and they obligingly sent me one free.