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    Retired from competitive S/b shooting. Now trying 10m air pistol.
  1. ***sold***. Mint Morini 162Ei. ***sold***

    You have a PM.
  2. Morini 162Ei

    Looking for R/Hand XL grip. My large grip just a little small.
  3. Poly Morph

    Poly Morph can be purchased in small tubs from Maplin's stores
  4. Gehmann Gp-1 Match Air Pistol

    PM Sent.
  5. Steyr Lp2 Compact

  6. Trulov Du-10 Air Pistol Co2 Adpt'

    Thanks Vic. I will just wait awhile, as I'm sure someone may have one no longer required. :-)
  7. This is a club member request. He has a Trulov Co2 air pistol and requires a double screw adapter that fits the 35lts Soda stream bottle and pistol pressure vessel adapter. The same adapter also fits the T.A.U.-7 pistol. Thank-you ** Now Sorted** Thanks Peter. Surrey Guns.
  8. Feinwerkbau 55p Air Pistol

    This Pistol has been ****SOLD**** Thank you Michael.
  9. Walther 9mm Sight Raiser Blocks

    Pm received. sold subject the usual.
  10. Walther 9mm Sight Raiser Blocks

    Ok folks they are still for sale. They do not fit Anschuzt.
  11. Walther 9mm Sight Raiser Blocks

    I have sent a PM. JJ Ok PM Returned.
  12. Walther 9mm Sight Raiser Blocks

    Bump. Reduced Price. £23 to £20 +postage.
  13. Champion Shooting Frames ****sold ****

    **** Sold **** to Walter, subject the usual. PM sent.
  14. Champion shooting Frames in Box. Also 3 x lens holders 2 x yellow filters Blind and 1 x centering device. As seen in photo £85 + P/P