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  1. nationals

    Jenny, Can you first of all either update your profile to reflect your location or reply telling us which 'Nationals' you are talking about? This is primarily a UK forum but there are many international shooters on here that maybe able to help with other country's results. Thanks Neil
  2. Highlights

    But are you using the Back button
  3. Headspace gauge

    It was just a thought Richard If that fails, send it to me and I'll scan it
  4. Headspace gauge

    Depends on the quality of your equipment mate I appreciate that technical/CAD drawings are not going to be the best scanned but if they were going to be photocopied and posted then there is very little difference
  5. Headspace gauge

    Can you not scan them then and email to people that are interested?
  6. Lift from Scotland to Bisley

    Jim, See if Heather Rudd is maybe going
  7. New web host! I've moved Stirton.com onto my new company's servers (got to promote my own business) www.ikiji.com - Ikiji E-Business Solutions The transition should hopefully be seemless with no loss of posts or connectivity Should any fellow members of the forum require any website hosting or an web development whatsoever, then please get in touch and we shall negotiate a deal 8) Thanks, Neil
  8. Shooting frames?

    Does anybody have any (spare) shooting frames that they would be willing to "loan" or sell? Thanks
  9. Shooting frames?

    Thanks Mike, I knew of most of the makes and models just not quite which was the best
  10. Dimensions for Headspace Gauges

    Din't quite read Richard's post properly, I was thinking American National Shooting ... :wink: Yeah, ANSI do have a website but a fair bit of their info requires membership to view it ... An article vaguely related ... http://www.sensorsmag.com/articles/0599/05..._p93/main.shtml
  11. Dimensions for Headspace Gauges

    Maybe not the easiest for the non-US shooter to get hold of though Is there an online version?
  12. Centra Rearsight Iris

    I'll let you off Rose I've told Griff where to look.
  13. Headspace gauge

    It's alright Richard I was only teasing you. I meant that Mac would have to drive 4 hours and I am nearer 6. We know Bert well (thanks though). I think Mac was just wanting to find out where to get the headspace kit for himself
  14. Headspace gauge

    Hey Richard, I think it is a little drastic travelling 4/5 hours (at least) just to check out your headspace You going to fly over to check yours Come on JV, a few pints will surely do it mate :?:
  15. Pictures... (this is really just for neil)

    Hey Mairi, Sorry you can't store pictures on the forum (to try and keep the bandwidth down as it's already at about 25-30Mb a day ) You can however do the following [img=http://somedomain.com/piccy.jpg] As for the FAQ, it is intended for me to post answers to questions that appear a lot rather than for people to post in :roll:
  16. Hi John and welcome to the forum. I have to point out a couple of things though: 1) The For Sale section is intended for non-commercial adverts. I don't mind the odd post (and I mean "odd") as long as that person is active in the rest of the forum and helps answer other shooters questions. 2) This forum is being run for free and using my bandwidth. I do not feel that companies should gain free advertising at my expense If they want to pay me, well that's another story :wink: John, please do not feel that I am specifically targetting you - this message applies to all members with a commercial interest in shooting :!: Edit: This was probably not made clear from the outset of the forum, but I have changed that now - click here
  17. New members !!!

    Attention new (potential) members! Welcome to the stirton.com forums. The primary use is for friends and fellow target shooters but anyone who believes they may be of use is welcome to join. When you first join you will be sent an email that you are required to reply to in order to activate your account. If you are interested in the shooters' forums, then you will need to send me a P(rivate) M(essage) or email me to tell me, otherwise you will only see the basic forums. Any questions, then please feel free to ask. Neil
  18. New members !!!

    Hey guys and gals, I'm away until the 8th of January (in South Korea and Thailand 8)) and just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Until I return, Mac is acting as the administrator. All forum-admin@stirton.com email will go to him for this period. Please be patient if you register and cannot see the shooters forum for a while as it is the festive season and all Have a great festive session everyone... Neil
  19. Have you: [*]registered? [*]emailed me - forum-admin@stirton.com - to ask for access? If you have done both of the above, then please PM or email me and let me know your problem. Thanks Neil
  20. New members !!!

    Also, when emailing - forum-admin@stirton.com - can you also include which disciplines you do and where about you do them? Until you have done this you will not see very much on this board Thanks Neil
  21. Highlights

    That's why. You are seeing a cached version because the PHP is not actually reloading off the server but just the local copy that's already on your hard disc. Either click on "Stirton.com Forum Index" or the stirton.com forums logo to bring you back to the front page - do not use back if you want the highlighting of new posts to work correctly.
  22. Highlights

    Ok, I take your word for it Ken - next time it happens can you let me know roughly the time and which forums it does it to. Thanks Just a thought, do you use the back button in your browser? Or do you click on Index each time?
  23. Highlights

    Hi Ken, I've not noticed this but I shall keep my eye on it. It could possibly be that an older version is being cached on your machine? Try forcing a refresh if it happens again - keep me informed. Cheers Neil
  24. Functionality in Opera?

    Hi Pete, In the topic jump menu you cannot click on the "Target Shooting" because it is not a forum, but the name grouping all the shooting forums together. You have to pick a specific forum such as "For Sale". Thanks Neil
  25. Edinkillie Sport Services

    Yeah, yeah excuses excuses! Now if you want a proper job done, you know where to come And you will get fast, reliable and yet competitively priced web hosting that is currently knocking over a 1/3 off the response time of your current host 8)