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  1. Wanted Freeland Scope Stand

    Thanks Colin for the information, I was also wondering if anyone had a picture of the old stand so I know what the difference is?
  2. Free System Gemini Bedding Shim

    Excuse my ignorance, but I didn't think the Gemini stock needed one?
  3. Forum App

    I am using an IPad and have no problems accessing the Forum, and I am the South of France. The Tappatalk App does not work with every Forum.
  4. Centra Spy

    I am looking for a Centra Spy rear sight, so if anyone has one they want rid of then please let me know
  5. Usb Scatt For Sale On Ebay

    A friend of mine has put his USB Scatt up for sale on Flebay, just in case anyone is interested, as he is packing in shooting.
  6. Due to being an old bugger and hoping to go to Bisley next year, I am looking for some recommendations as to a suitable load luger to drag around the field. I like to be prepared.
  7. Trolley For Bisley Or Wherever Its To Be Held

    The other problem with having it at an alternative venue, is the accommodation or the lack of it at a reasonable cost near to the shoot.
  8. Trolley For Bisley Or Wherever Its To Be Held

    We'll thanks to this post a friend of mine, also on this forum got in touch with me to say she had one to sell. Which I bought. All I need know is for Bisley to be held next year so I can try it out? Or as Rob says it could be in a field somewhere, I hope not, as although Bisley has it's faults it won't be the same !!!!!!
  9. Trolley For Bisley Or Wherever Its To Be Held

    Thanks Guys for the info. Thanks Mark for the link to that site, it has all the trolley types that one could wish for. All I want now is to find out if there is going to be a Bisley next year ?
  10. Anschutz 4Mm Sight Riser Blocks

    Has anyone got a set of 4mm riser blocks they want to sell, if so I would like to buy them. I actually need the rear one mainly, as its for an experiment I want to try
  11. Anschutz 4Mm Sight Riser Blocks

    What about you experimenting yesterday in the wind and the rain !!!!........, and then having to come home and spend hours cleaning your rifle and kit then.
  12. Knoblock Shooting Frames. *****sold*****

    Excellent News !!!!
  13. Knoblock Shooting Frames. *****sold*****

    Nick, Try putting it on Flebay and make sure that you make it available to International sellers as I had an identical pair to sell and it went to Australia.
  14. Missing Sights And Box

    Hi All, I know this is not the correct place for this post but hopefully people will look at it. Yesterday I was at the Somerset Open Shoot and I left behind my Sights and Glasses. if anyone on this forum was there and has found them, Please could you let me know. I would be extremely grateful Thank You
  15. Missing Sights And Box

    Very true Jonty. Regarding the post about someone having their kit stolen it was me who started it, a friend of mine had his butt plate stolen from his bag when he was shooting at the Lord Roberts Centre last year, he never had it back and had to buy a new one. Thank goodness that someone handed my sights in to the organisers as they are not cheap to buy. I don't know who handed them in, but if he or she is on this forum and has read this post then I would like to take the opportunity to thank them.
  16. Missing Sights And Box

    And I didn't even buy a raffle ticket. Thankfully I will be picking them up on Friday Evening along with some prizes that our Club Members won
  17. Missing Sights And Box

    Good News, I had e-mailed one of the organisers of the shooting competition prior to this post and was told that someone had handed them in. I am so glad that there are some honest people still around. Just wondering if a moderator could please remove this post
  18. Mec Anti Pulse Sling

    Hi all, I would like to buy a MEC Anti Puse sling, so if anyone wants to get rid of one for a sensible price, then I can find a good home for it.
  19. Mec Anti Pulse Sling

    I am sure I have read it as well ?
  20. Mec Anti Pulse Sling

    I can confirm that, yes, the ball bearings DO fall out if you keep undoing that screw (it's easier than you think!) It's happened to me once during a match, and a handful of times in training, and now it's just become part of my drill to make sure the screw is done up again fully after I undo it to release it. Hasn't happened since. I can also add it is ALMOST impossible to get the BBs back in again, and a real pain in the a*se. I told MEC about the problem, and asked what I could do to prevent it, and they sent me a new front part of the sling. As I eventually found the missing BB (it was in the turn up of my jeans...) I now always carry a spare in my kit bag In short, great sling, just be careful when undoing it and ALWAYS do it up tight immediately after you release it from the handstop. Well I tried the MEC sling out yesterday for the first time it felt ok and is very well made, is it worth the full asking price NO. I can also see where you can have trouble with ones "Ball's" falling out, in practice a pain in the bum, in a competition a nightmare, so I might modify the sling to take the standard spring loaded fitting. Has anyone done this because of theirs falling apart.
  21. Centra Rear Sight

    Hi Tiny, What model sight is it and why are you selling it. Gary
  22. Mec Anti Pulse Sling

    No problem at all Martin, any debate or information on shooting is as far as I am concerned welcome. I have seen a good shooter with it reasonably tight on their arm but still able to get their fingers under the cuff, if this is the same as Timinder's fairly loose description I do not know
  23. Mec Anti Pulse Sling

    My sling has arrived all I have to do now is to try it out.
  24. Mec Anti Pulse Sling

    Well after all the comments both positive and negative, I have decided to get one especially as I have been offered one at a reasonable price. So watch this space as I will soon be offering my Kurt Thune ATL sling for sale.
  25. Mec Anti Pulse Sling

    Thanks for the comments regarding the reliability of the MEC sling, we have an Elite female shooter in our club at the moment and she said that with hers the ball bearings had come out. From where I dont know. She has not had the sling for long but at her level it does get a lot of use. She also said that although it was a good sling, it was not exactly cheap