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Walther Fore-End Extensions For New Issf Limits

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Cleared this with Neil before Xmas.


I've had a few sets of fore-end extensions CNC'd for the Walther 300/400 adjustable fore-end as I and a couple of mates had a few we could use.


The new ISSF rules allow 30mm more depth, so i've made them exactly the same as the originals, just 30mm longer between centres. They fit perfectly.


The image below shows the difference between the new ones fitted (top) and the original ones fitted (below). Aside is a shot of the original and new links on their own.


They will lay pretty flat but not quite as flat as the originals, but they start where the others finish meaning you can have a complete range of heights from min to max ISSF.


If someone fancies a set then they're £15 for a pair delivered. It's not a money making scheme, they're just there if someone wants a set or two.

Click on the attached thumbnail for a larger image.


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