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  1. Hi Robin


    I have an out of test Dragar lightweight 300 bar 6 ltr bottle (as used by fireman rather than divers, I believe). I will see about getting this tested over the next week or so.


    If you don't get fixed up with one and you are interested, let me know.



  2. Still "not allowed" to get myself a FAC (by wife, no suspicious reasons!) but I have spoken to my club and they would be fine with me buying a stock to fit to one of the club rifles.

    It's a round-action 54, currently in a 1403 stock, so I just can't get it to fit me nicely, and find myself having to float my head over the stock to see through the sights, so not really ideal!


    I'm on a bit of a budget, so if anyone has something with an adjustable cheekpiece and possibly even a buttplate, I'm interested, even if it's not in great condition.

    There don't seem to be many used stocks available, so why not just look for a new wife?


    Come on! You were all thinking it! ;)



  3. Hi Sarah


    My daughter has a leather Mouche kneeling roll, in excellent condition, for sale.


    It has a list price of £36, but yours for £18 + postage (its not very heavy!)


    Tried to post pics but keep encountering a problem.


    Please email me and I will email pics back to you.