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  1. BigAl

    Champion Frames For Sale

    Hi Walter, they look a bit newer than the ones that I have but the fittings are the same so I will take them thank you. Alan
  2. BigAl

    Champion Frames For Sale

    Do you have any photos? I just found out that my daughter is going to need to use a lens even with a scope as she has quite a pronounced Astigmatism, I have an old pair of I think Champion World frames, but they are 1987 vintage so would like to see what these are like Thanks Alan
  3. BigAl

    Lots Of Club Rifles!

    As my daughter (13) is now looking to start prone/positional shooting, as well as Smallbore Benchrest which she has been shooting for the last couple of years. She will be needing something a bit smaller and lighter than any of the rifles I currantly have. Alan