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    Items for sale

    Some things for sale - all items include postage unless shown otherwise, I am at the Appleton Easter Shoot 31st March /1st April, Torfaen 8th April, BFRC 21st April if you want to collect. Let me know if there is anything of interest! Observer rearsight - really well made, Swiss-made robust rearsight, not seen much use, works perfectly, got it with the rifle but surplus to requirements as I have other sights. Not much info out there on them but link below gives you the cost new (£360 ish) - £200 posted https://shop.indoorswiss.ch/de/visierung/2371-observer-diopter.html Gemini Pistol Grips anatomical / shaped Small (90) £125 Large (100) £125 Old style palmshelf / grip (easier to look at the photo than describe) good condition £40 posted Anschutz Torque Wrench £35 posted - SOLD Kurt Thune Jacket - 10 years old, double canvas, top of the range at the time, red white and blue, well looked after, some marks where buttons have been moved - pictures show the worst one at the top where the hole wore a bit. It was made to measure for me, I am 6ft 1, slim build 39" chest. Still some life left in it and would get someone started. Collection only please. £50 Sauer Shooting Cardigans (after changing my jacket I went for a new type of shooting jumper) - Red - Medium - Used but no tears / obvious wear, well looked after - however has been "enthusiastically" washed at some point and may be considered closer to small than medium! £10 posted or will throw it in with the jacket!! - Blue - Medium - Lighter use, life in it yet!! (still medium!) £35 posted - Blue - Medium - worn once as new £55 posted Pictures of all the stuff can be found here...... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4e7zyvrau4fgjip/AABq3tsFE5UpEMeVlZMvb1aRa?dl=0
  2. greenster

    Gemini pistol grips sale or swap

    I have two system gemini pistol grips one size 90 (small I think) and one size 100 (large). They are £250 new. I'm would sell these for £150 each (posted). But, I would be really interested if someone has a medium (95) and wished to swap with one of these - we could help each other out! The smaller one has signs of wear, nothing major, the large has barely been used. Pictures linked below! https://www.dropbox.com/s/o60gmttm2yhptd5/IMG_20171124_130606.jpg?dl=0
  3. greenster

    Sight Irises, Filter And Raiser Blocks

    PM's sent to Jimlad and Kantes, thanks! Centra Tiny (colour filters and iris) stil available.
  4. A few items for sale - just in case you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas! Rear Sight Iris - Centra Tiny - used for a couple of months, in as new condition, boxed - £90 (photo shows the wrong spanner in the box, it will have the right spanner!) Rear Sight Iris - Centra Crystal - used once or twice, as new, boxed, - £60 - Sold subject to payment Centra Track Speed Raiser Blocks - set - for offsetting your sight base as well as raising it, hardly used, as new, boxed - £70 - Sold subject to payment (was used on Bleiker, but stamped A for Anschutz) Centra Pol - rearsight twin polariser for the Centra Spy, screws into the Centra Spy anti glare tube (or lenshood), used once, boxed £30 - Sold subject to payment Postage included in all prices, any questions just ask. Prices updated, checked new prices on a few websites and thought I may have started a bit high! These now look roughly 30% off new.
  5. greenster

    Sight Irises, Filter And Raiser Blocks

    Prices updated, checked new prices on a few websites and thought I may have started a bit high! These now look roughly 30% off new. All still available.
  6. greenster

    Gemini Buttplate Rods

    The Gemini Aktiv buttplate comes with rods (for clamping to the stock to set but length) that are around 65mm long, apparently they were also available in longer lengths (no longer made). Probably a long shot, but if anyone has a pair of longer rods they don't need and want to sell please get in touch. Thanks.
  7. greenster

    Gemini Buttplate Rods

    Thanks Bryan. I checked with him. Apparently not making them anymore - he's working on a new adaptor to do a similar thing, not sure how long to market. Hopefully something comes up, otherwise I am on his mailing list!
  8. A couple of items to sell having tried a different set up and now have these to sell on. sold - Centra foresight iris 22mm - glass (no levelling bars) and adjusts between 1.8 and 4.3, 1.6mm ring thickness. Works correctly, comes boxed with spanner. sold - Centra track front and rear 9mm raiser blocks allow you to adjust side to side to get the alignment you want, works fine, no allen keys with it but they are fairly standard (if I can find some spares knocking around I'll throw them in!). I will be at the Torfean open tomorrow or the BFRC shoot 9th April if that helps. Payment by Bank Transfer please.
  9. greenster

    Sold** Centra Front Iris And Centra Track Blocks

    Foresight iris now sold.
  10. greenster

    Sold: Hammerli 460 Rearsight

    PM sent
  11. greenster

    Anschutz 1913 In Alu Stock For Sale

    Now Sold!thanks to everyone who PM'd me Anschutz 1913 Barrel in 2213 Aluminium Stock (stock is for round action, standard bedding) Sights inc 5 Colour Iris with filters and polariser. Bolt protector. Handstop (inc the sling swivel) 4765 Butt Plate. Quick Release clamps on handstop, cheek height and butt plate. Rifle Case and Cleaning Rod Guide also included. I bought the rifle in 1993 new and has been owned by me ever since (stock came later obviously, original wooden stock not included), it has always been well looked after, the barrel has had around 60 to 80k rounds down it, nearer to 60 probably, I definitely wasn't shooting 5000 rounds a year 20 years ago. I keep it clean between shoots and it shoots well – my last shoot with it was 593 outdoor at 50m (I think it was trying to prove a point!). Selling as I only need one rifle (as I was reminded!!) Original manual with test group and Anschutz Wrigley allen key will be included. Rifle and sights were serviced last year by Anschutz at Bisley. Pictures of some Eley test groups this year are below aswell. Price - £800 As you can see from the pictures a small piece of aluminium was chipped from the hand rail due to continuously putting a bipod on and off, luckily it is right at the end where you don’t need to clamp anything that far down, I got myself a folding bipod (not included) - you don’t need to keep taking them on and off! Still had plenty of space to adjust the handstop, I saved the piece and have glued it back just for cosmetics. Only issue really everything else is excellent, just wanted to make sure you knew! There are quite a few pictures below, but if you have any questions PM me. (IFor info 'm based Cheshire / South Manchester)