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  1. Absolutely, my email is guidolastra@yahoo.com Take care and happy new year!
  2. I am selling an Anschutz 2013/690 rifle on PRECISE ALU stock, right handed (M grip). Can deliver with Lilja Barrel (less than 9 months old, tested at eley facility, Germany) + Starik tune/tuner (short version approx. 19 cm), or original 690 anschutz barrel (also has been tested at eley facility, Texas USA). Rifle does not include sights or hooks, but I do have a set of three original Anschutz hooks with carrier (ready to go) if interested (3P shooter) Price range asked approximately USD: 2800-3000, depending on what is needed. Price is negotiable within a reasonable range of course. Rifle is located in the USA; If interested please send PM and will get you pictures, etc....
  3. shooting 50 meters standing on my new megalink...Temp 45 F, icy trigger finger, numb. Good thing is the steel plate does stop bullets !

  4. That is right. I am interested in a 10m air rifle system.
  5. I am interested in acquiring an electronic scoring system, in good condition of course. I would favor Megalink and polytronic, but I am open to suggestions.
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