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  1. Stand Extension poles and sight bits

    Anyone have need of?: 1) Andrew Tucker original stand extension poles x 2 vgc £60 the pair 2) Anschutz rubber eyecup - mint £10 3) Anschutz foresight anti glare tube - £10 bit scuffed but good. Collection welcome or will post UK at cost. Selling for the widow of a friend, so no big haggles please they are not mine to discount. Thanks
  2. Stand Extension poles and sight bits

    After a number of enquires about the price of the Tucker poles the owner has lowered the price to £40 plus post. Rgds
  3. Andrew Tucker Stand

    Andrew Tucker heavy spotting scope stand, with the optional original extension poles for full height use. Works perfectly, it is missing its badge though, like most. Complete as shown £150 collected or courier UK mainland £10 insured/signed etc with UPS I also have an extra set of extension poles as per the previous ad. Rgds
  4. Anschutz Supermatch Stock And Hook For Sale

    pm sent
  5. Of use to anyone? Anschutz adjustable handstop with quick release for ball end type sling attachments - right in photo £20 and an Anschutz handstop with stand, the likes of which i have never seen before - left in photo £10 Or the pair £25 Post on either / both £2.70 UK mainland. Rgds
  6. Schulz Shooting Jacket

    Schulz london shooting jacket Size 54 and ridiculously little used - once.. see photo's. £50 collected or plus £8 courier UK mainland Rgds
  7. Kurt Thune Sling And Gehmann 590 Sight

    Do any of the honourable lads or lasses on here need a decent sling or sight? First a Kurt Thune sling with hook, very little use - a prezzie of a pulseless made this redundant almost as soon as i bought it. £30 collected or plus £2.75 courier UK mainland. Second a Gehmann 590 compact rearsight, literally used once on my backup rig, now concentrating all on my main rifle, having bought it a c spy. The Gehmann is a fab precision sight, cost £145 new, asking £100 collected or plus £6 Special Delivery UK. Replies by PM plz - Payments by bank transfer, and please no scammers or messers - i know the low foreheads will flame and spam me as usual for me saying that but, Me no care :-) And to all the decent chaps and chapesses, with perfectly normal foreheads, have a great evening.
  8. Kurt Thune Sling And Gehmann 590 Sight

    Sight now sold - thanks
  9. Kurt Thune Shooting Jacket

    Here is a very little used Kurt Thune jacket. Size 50 mens, - see photo's. £90 collected from near Colchester, Essex, or can be couriered to mainland UK addresses for £8 And now for the usual caveats, please no messers or scammers. I am aware that most of us on here are a decent, rarified bunch of wallah's but there is always the odd one - PUAKMBWA. Rgds Al
  10. Kurt Thune Shooting Jacket

    Christ knows Chris So now i'm Christ !!??? You are forgiven - its an easy mistake to make, i get it all the time. Bless you my child.
  11. Kurt Thune Shooting Jacket

    Kurt Thune don't list both UK and Euro sizes - here is their chart to save confusion: http://www.kurtthune.com/files/Size-charts/standardsizes.pdf And there is a button buddy included with the jacket - if i don't need the jacket i don't need that either! Rgds
  12. Anschutz Target Sight.

    Up for sale is an Anschutz target sight, with both a fixed eyepiece, an Anschutz adjustable iris and anti glare tube and still has the clear range window. Used but should do someone a good turn, now redundant due to upgrade. £85 collect or plus £6 Special D UK. It will need a signature on arrival, please don't ask for ordinary post to save a groat. Now just to point out no scammers please - i know some veritable members on here object to me saying this but I DON'T CARE, they clearly haven’t been on the receiving end on here. Very best regards
  13. Anschutz Target Sight.

    And now sight sold. Thanks.
  14. Greenkat Spotting Scope

    Greenkat 60mm 22x spotting scope Selling for a friend who has upgraded. £30 collect or £5 courier mainland UK Thx
  15. Greenkat Spotting Scope

  16. Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    Andrew Tucker heavy spotting scope stand in excellent condition, £115 + post. Advertising for a friend - no scams or try ons plz.
  17. Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

  18. Anschutz Target Sight.

    *** Adjustable Iris now sold, if anyone wants the sight with the fixed iris and anti glare tube its £40. Oh and Coiln, you appear to be misinformed. and James, As there is a stark lack of warnings on this forum regarding behavior it seems only prudent to put ones own up. Most forums have visible scam warnings.
  19. Anschutz Target Sight.

    Coiln, Not everyone is a scammer clearly - which would usually go without saying, but some of those who are less than intuitive (who incidentally i have no personal qualms with, and have the deepest sympathy for) are apparently having difficulty conceptualising the issue. So many thanks for your input - and i will be sure to spell things out more clearly in future which i hope you find helpful. Best of luck Al
  20. Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    Personally i prefer judicial use of the old pinstripe brigade to hammer home a point, but if you really find the need to drop trou and cough then feel free. Just cos i can't see that helping don't be put off if it works for you. Happy trails
  21. Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    Well as always the British way is to first ask politely, and if that doesn't work then move on to less ephemeral methods of education.. Regards
  22. Sold * £1,995 * - Anschutz 1807 Barrel W/ Precise Stock (.22)

    "but the thought of you vetting the buyer first made me smile :)" Did you mean to make that seem pervy ?
  23. Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    This is getting old and is becoming somewhat of a slight to all. You could put it in your profile if you need to keep saying it. Seems like common sense to point out i won't be scammed on here again, unless you think that its ok for people to try to rip others off? Surely only those who are behaving less than kosher would feel slighted... guilty conscience and all that ! Regards
  24. I'm placing an order for some more flexi adjusters (Twiddlies) - the long interchangeable tip type that suit both Freeland and Tucker stands - see photo. Singly they work out at £20 plus £4 recorded postage if anyone needs one. All i ask is no messers this time round!! Rgds al
  25. Hi Chris, I can only think of Intershoot or Beds (though sure there are others) for originals. rgds