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Dicounted Fuel!!

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Surely, Clive, if that's your local school then the council should help out?

Its not the nearest school, which we would not have wanted him to go to anyway. The council will only help when the nearest school is more than 3 miles away. I think their help is financial, and I would guess only for the child. Since he is only 6, he needs to be accompanied. My point was how much longer the journey would take using public transport. As I need to take him, I need to get back again as well. That would take an extra 2 1/2 hours out of my day (morning and afternoon), time that I just cannot afford.

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No, when I've had petrol put up to a tenner a gallon and road tax to nearer 500 quid, your corsa will no longer be as cheap as it is and taking the bus will be significantly more cost effective. The National Conegstion Charge (which will make driving into Birmingham a castly excercise) shoudl solve the matter once and for all.

It sounds like you must live in a town.

Those of us who don't, have no alternative to using a car.


Nearest train station 18 miles from the house, and three miles from the office.

no bus from the house to the station, no bus from the station to the office.


Nearest bus 4 miles from the house, and once an hour, and only goes to the city where I would have to change and take another bus out to the office, about 2 1/2 hrs each way. I'm not going to do it.




You, and the government, bless them, seem to think that everything and everybody should work to a system that suits your lifestyle, and then we'll all be OK



Not so



Personally, I would support the government if it put the road tax up AS LONG AS ALL THE REVENUE WENT TOWARDS ROADS AND PUBLIC TRANSPORT.


But it won't. All the road tax disappears into the treasury black hole

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