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  1. Investing in good kit is usually not a bad idea, you know you only have yourself to blame and you can sell it on easily. I'll have to try that argument on the wife :)



    So, are you selling your wife then? :rolleyes:

  2. If you have been shooting with a 1907, you will find the extra weight of the 1913 difficult for a 3P shoot to start with.


    If you put a metal stock like a Gemini onto that barrel it will be even heavier


    also remember that once you have a decent buttplate, sights and a palm rest, this adds to the weight.


    If you will be shooting in competitons where there is a limit on rifle weight (3x20), you may go over the limit.


    There's nothing wrong with putting a 1907 barrel on another stock, and it will make a difference to the weight



  3. No, when I've had petrol put up to a tenner a gallon and road tax to nearer 500 quid, your corsa will no longer be as cheap as it is and taking the bus will be significantly more cost effective. The National Conegstion Charge (which will make driving into Birmingham a castly excercise) shoudl solve the matter once and for all.

    It sounds like you must live in a town.

    Those of us who don't, have no alternative to using a car.


    Nearest train station 18 miles from the house, and three miles from the office.

    no bus from the house to the station, no bus from the station to the office.


    Nearest bus 4 miles from the house, and once an hour, and only goes to the city where I would have to change and take another bus out to the office, about 2 1/2 hrs each way. I'm not going to do it.




    You, and the government, bless them, seem to think that everything and everybody should work to a system that suits your lifestyle, and then we'll all be OK



    Not so



    Personally, I would support the government if it put the road tax up AS LONG AS ALL THE REVENUE WENT TOWARDS ROADS AND PUBLIC TRANSPORT.


    But it won't. All the road tax disappears into the treasury black hole

  4. Take care if you end up with the Centra 4 mm block

    It is held on with 4 or 6 hexbolts which tighten down onto the action.


    If you are in the habit of taking off the block between shoots, or for different positions, then it is almost impossible to get back to the same degree of tightening, and the zero point has moved.


    Furthermore, because the hexbolts can be tightened so easily, overtightening will bend the alu block itself, until ultimately the chamfer at either side can no longer fit on the rail - too wide



    I use one, but it never comes off the rifle so this isn't a problem



  5. That bolt looks like a 19 series.


    the bolt on the 14 series had the flap at the back for a safety catch.

    the trigger on the 14 series is different - that is the whole trigger, but most noticably the blade.


    There was an 1813 produced - which I think uses the same action as the 19 series, but has a block for the foresight rather than the grooves.

    My rifle is an 18 series with a number beginning 198---



    However, I would guess there was an crossover when changing between styles - which I think would be indicated by an X at the end of the number.




    Actually, I think the number would be able to define it - there must be a list which says number aaa-bbb is a 14 series, bbb-ccc is an 18 series, and ccc-ddd is a 19 series action



  6. Ah yes indeed, maplin do seem to have some AC/AC adaptors, and I spy a 12V 1A one, for £9.99 Ideal! ...

    I need a power supply as well


    However since I am an electical dunce, can you give me the part number from Maplin, or an exact description (is what is there enough?). I just want to be sure that I get the right thing before I plug it in.



  7. Mac


    Vic Climo at the NSRA has a set. He tested the head space on my 1813 and it was about .42 i think, where it should be (i was told) .36. Need a new bolt handle me thinks. I'm also booked into Eley but on 20th March for a days batch testing. When's your day???




    I think that 36 is too small - I reckon about 40 is right. 42 is probably ok but should be checked regularly to be sure it isn't getting bigger.


    Of course you may find that different gauges all give different results - or even different operators will get different results.

    Get Bert to check at Eley as well and see how they compare

  8. I am trying to put together a Gemini stock.

    I've got the front bit, but I need the bits that go on the back end - Butt and Cheekpiece, possibly a buttplate.

    Anyone got spares that they no longer want?