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  1. I have a Morini 162 Ei for sale, it has 2 cylinders dated 10/03, one holds air the other discharges slowly over about three weeks. I have the manual, tool kit and two filling adaptors (the original and a quick fill). It was serviced earlier this year and all the seals were replaced. It shoots as it should. The pistol will be sold with the original large Morini grip, it did have filler added that has now been removed, it has had NO wood removed. I want £450 for the pistol with the large grip.

    I have a Rink grip for this Morini 162 EI, it is a SMALL, it's form is convex, has the 7 degree angle and has thick. See the Rink web site if you need an explanation. http://www.formgriffe.de/en/shpSR.ph...&p1=400&p2=255
    It has had filler added that has now been removed, NO wood has been removed.
    This grip will only be sold separately if the pistol buyer does NOT want it.
    I want £85 for the grip.


    I would prefer face to face as last time I sold a gun I had no-end of trouble with the post. I am in Wimborne in Dorset


  2. I'm looking for a small or medium grip a Morini CM 162 EI, the newer type that uses AAA batteries. My pistol is standard length not

    a compact. If anyone could point me in the direction of one before I have to order a new one from Rink, it would be most appreciated as Rink have a seven week wait.





  3. Feinwerkbau 601, serial number 72122, standard sight set plus adjustable rear iris 0.8-2.0.



    Cen-tek canvas shooting jacket size : euro 52. Black/blue white back. Very little use (unfortunatly)



    Varga shooting frames with 23mm lens holder and blinder.



    I can e-mail photos on request, i don't get to check on here everyday so it may take a day or two

    to reply.


    All prices are plus postage. ALL NOW SOLD,THANKS. :)

    I can take paypal +4%