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  1. Due To Illness Selling Up

    Anschutz 1413 .22 target rifle 1 set standard Anschutz iron sights - rear and forsights 1 set Gerhmann D75 iron sights - rear and forsights (Eagle eye?) 1 foresight level 2 Rubber rearsight cups Hawke Vantage SF 6-24x44 rifle scope in protective box Bipod Promax #1511 plastic rifle case Monard shooting jacket size 44- 46 chest extras inc. Block for rounds Peltor ear defenders Left hand shooting glove (exposed fingertips) medium mens HPS shooting cap Toweling forehead headbands .22 cleaning rod & all cleaning equipment/solvents & other bits and bats, large holdall/bag etc.
  2. Due To Illness Selling Up

    Thank You to all who showed interest. All equipment sold locally.
  3. Due To Illness Selling Up

    Sorry about the omission. I would prefer to sell all together but if no takers then I will separate. I would like £600.00 for all items. Obviously FAC holder. Also included is a roll up HSF ground sheet, unused
  4. I would like a tele sight and blocks and clamps for the above rifle. I am told it has a 9-11 mm slide plate on the rifle barrel.
  5. Iris Sight For An Anschutz 1413

    I have been advised to obtain an iris sight for the above rifle. Can anyone give me an idea as to cost (second hand) please?
  6. Iris Sight For An Anschutz 1413

    Hi Jonty Nowt wrong with my sight, just have hit a plateau and looking for means to improve. Us heathens have to stick together.
  7. Bipod For Bsa Martini Int Mkll

    Is it possible to get a bipod for the above rifle? & if so can anyone sell me one please?
  8. Bipod For Bsa Martini Int Mkll

    A gentleman gave me a Anschutz bipod recently, removed and stored the small bolt/rail fitting and found a slightly longer bolt that will suffice. Many Thanks to all who answered my topic.
  9. Bipod For Bsa Martini Int Mkll

    I don't want to use the bipod as a steady whilst shooting, just as a stand when cleaning the rifle especially the sights area. I have only just got back into smallbore shooting after about 40 years. I am having problems getting comfortable whilst in a prone shooting position but that's due to my age, lack of practice and not being used to the tackle - single point sling, borrowed jacket etc. I realise that these are only excuses and IT WILL get easier with practice. My coach gave me some exercises last night - stretching of the back and making the neck more supple. Thank You for the explanation of the 'Free-floating barrel', I didn't realise it made that much difference.
  10. Bipod For Bsa Martini Int Mkll

    Many Thanks to all the replies. I wanted to use a bipod for stability in cleaning and setting sights, plus I am a bit lairry(Yorkshire dialect for being concerned!) of putting the rifle down, sights up or down on the firing point. I hope to get a Anschutz type bipod in the near future, regarding the swivels, they come with a suitable bolt. Leviticus 49
  11. Bipod For Bsa Martini Int Mkll

    Thanks for the replies. Is the bolt in a 'Anshutz' bipod captive or can it be removed completely. If it can, problem solved, I was given a few threaded sling swivels last week. I didn't fancy the idea of buying something new and then having to butcher it to make it fit.
  12. Wot's "pm Me" Mean

    New to the forum and hope to buy from it when my FAC comes. I may be a bit slack but when a seller says "PM me in the first instance" or similar. Noted it a lot when looking through the "For Sale" section.
  13. Wot's "pm Me" Mean

    Thank You for the info.