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  2. Hi mje10, The pistol is still for sale, I will reply to your private messages.
  3. Damo1973

    Eagle eye

    Wanted 0.3 Eagle eye in a 22mm, I've got a 18mm but have changed my front sights.
  4. I am looking for a pair of rifle boots size 6/7 for my daughter. Please Let me know if you have any in either size for sale.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Chris plant


    buttplate and carrier 4765 for Anschutz 2013 / 2018 model please supply photo and price
  7. Good afternoon, they are like new, without any smell and in the perfect condition, i had them since 2016 but hardly worn them in the period of 2 years. And im a 44-45 normally, but they fit me good with socks. Kind regards
  8. Hi I am after a competition 10m pistol near to Staffordshire. Ideally : Steyr Evo 10 or LP10 FWB PX8 Walther Thanks
  9. Feinwerkbau 800 Junior 10m target rifle for sale, pristine condition, comes with FWB hard case, spare barrel weights, fill adaptor (for 232bar bottles)with spacer ring for use on 300 bar bottles, user manual and tools. It’s not being used so selling to fund a 12ft/lb rifle.£850 collection only from Fareham, Hampshire.Photos to follow or sent to your email address.
  10. Good morning I may be interested in the 3p boots ,how long have you had them ? the only problem is that I’am a 45 regards Chris
  11. Last week
  12. Try RUAG.....Interestingly I was talking to someone at bisley about these...he said if you get the FT one..(its about a quarter turn longer than normal) it adds more power to firing pin.
  13. Pm sent, offer accepted at your counter offer Phil
  14. Pistol is still available at £1000. Unfortunately previous enquirers have had personal reasons not to progress.
  15. Match 54 firing pin spring (the long one in the bolt) part number 1407-15 Or at the very least a recommendation of a shop to buy it from in the UK. Thanks.
  16. Anshutz LH leather sling. This is brand new and has never been used: £25 inc postage Tel 07788 564 289
  17. Anschutz Selected 1907 barrelled action in makers packaging Test fired for batched Tenex at Eley only otherwise not used. Current price for this is £1392 + £195 = £1587 Proven accuracy only £999 bargain Telephone 07788 564 289
  18. Thanks for the advice Huey, I will run a few rounds through it at different settings ,I have different batches to try so I'll see what develops. Regards Gordon.
  19. Huey

    Anschutz Torque Wrench

    Certainly advocate the torque wrench to ensure the settings are known and repeatable. I would also suggest doing your own trials with torque settings, especially if you don't have the history of how your current advice was arrived at (though don't forget to undo the bolts using the standard wiggly allen key and not the torque wrench ). You could also change the ammo (or batch) and see if the flyers persist, assuming your technique is OK. You have a barrel tuner so that is another area of experimentation, and likely prior to getting too deep into torque settings. And only change one thing at a time to know what it is that's had an effect. Personally, I set my 20xx rifles to 5nm and have not experimented, purely because I've not found the need. The rifles shoot consistently in the middle with the wobbly thing at the rear the only variable. The less to fuss over, the better IMHO. It's possible 5nm could be improved upon, but I suspect not by anything I could detect. I torque the muzzle end pair first, then the butt end pair after uncracking the previous bolt settings half a turn using the wiggly tool, with the rifle held vertically on the butt end to keep contact on the recoil lug. H.
  20. I'm a fairly normal shape I'm just not getting on with it. My previous Anschutz jacket was fine but worn so I'm going back to that but with new elbows.
  21. If its due to your shape then no off the peg will fit, far easier to go see Pippa, she knows far more on Jacket fit than any coach, and if it needs altering to fit she will do it
  22. Hi guys, I bought a TenPointNine Almond Lightweight for the meeting at Bisley this year but I just can't get on with it. I've spoken to a few coaches and they think it doesn't really suit my body shape. It's only been worn for a week of shooting so is still in excellent condition. Size 50. Pictures available on request. I'd like to re-coup as much of my money as possible but appreciate it is now classed as worn. I paid £350 so offers sensible to that would be great. Any interest?
  23. Bit of brain fade I think Tim, should have been Lilja barrel Anyway it begins with" L" and ends in "a".
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