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  3. Looking for a replacement set of target grips for the GSG 1911 .22 LBP. I believe the standard ones are American Tactical Imports target grips, but I can’t seem to find anyone who stocks them or could order them.
  4. Try Boneham for knobs and levers - http://www.boneham.co.uk/Products/knobs-and-handles/adjustable-clamping-lever-erm
  5. Thanks all! I have tried fitting a M5x1 and it seems to run smoothly, was careful not to strip the threads. Though I will get a thread gauge on the job first as i don't want tightening to cause wear.
  6. M6 fine (M6 x 0.75) when seaching. Ensure that the thread is 0.75mm pitch not the standard 1mm. Lengths are then the fun part... too long for the rear bolt will jam the bolt!
  7. tim s

    Anschutz Fast Clamp

    M6 Fine. I've yet to find a source locally.
  8. Last week
  9. I think they're M5 fine, which while not something you'll find in B&Q, they're still absolutely available for peanuts compared to the "real" ones.
  10. TCS

    Anschutz Fast Clamp

    Anschutz bedding bolts can be a standard 4mm Allen head but the thread used is not standard metric pitch.
  11. Just a quick one. the centra block risers arrived today, very happy indeed. my thanks. david
  12. Bump, this is a new rifle, only 7 weeks old.
  13. Apologies. Contact by phone is best as I do not have regular Internet access 07788 564 289
  14. Updated advert. Barrelled action, bought for my daughter who prompting gave up serious shooting. Selected by Anschutz from factory test groups Eley Tenex batched to suit available as well at preferential rate. Edinkillie sells a standard action for £1380. This rifle is effectively new - 75% of £1380 = £1035 for a barrel of proven accuracy. Border
  15. Apologies, but 'Yes' I made a typing error and it is a 1907. We bought as replacement an old 1407 barrelled action Thank you for pointing it out I will start a new thread
  16. Welcome Hi, I currently have a set of Kurt Thune shooting boots for sale with original, but very battered box! The boots have only been worn 3/4 times and you can really see that in the condition of them! They are UK size 10 EU size 44 These are in very good condition and the buyer will not be disappointed! Price : £100 ONO Thanks for looking! Pictures - https://ibb.co/CPwtfpZ https://ibb.co/V9K1bZ8 https://ibb.co/y8mDsBK https://ibb.co/ccvXVfP https://ibb.co/Fnyfh2F
  17. Sounds good . I'll check my shifts and see if I can come down I'm about 49 mins away from Bisley near Gatwick! My email jamiewheeler10@msn.com if you want to send me some pictures etc I'm very interested. Jamie
  18. Anschutz aren't going to spend an enormous amount of money designing something specialised like that when they can just use a standard component that can be bought for pennies! (Unless they genuinely need to for functional reasons). The worst aspect of this is the price of the bedding screws that are listed on the various websites for £10+ when they are just standard metric hex socket cap head screws that can be bought in bulk for a couple of pence per unit.
  19. I'll fire some photos over to you later, I'll be in Bisley 31st of May to 2nd of June shooting if you'd like a look in person.
  20. Do you have any more pictures you could send me and I would like to arrange RFD to RFD if possible as I'm Bisley, UK kind of way! Jamie
  21. Hi do you still have the air rifle can you call 07792421838
  22. Top scoot on that one. That's an impressive saving for something that does the same job.
  23. Hi Hamy144. Is the anschutz still available?
  24. Edit as Race now sold.
  25. What inserts does the foresight come with? Matt
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