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  1. Yesterday
  2. I'll take it - pm me for payment. Thanks Chris
  3. Sorry, £25 which includes delivery. Book is as new.
  4. Good morning. Eagle Eye is M18.
  5. Last week
  6. In default of a modern bolt action rifle, may I suggest that she at least consider a BSA Martini International? They will shoot very accurately and offer a short loading port if she is not all that tall - ladies in our club have often preferred the martini action for that reason. There are several left-handed examples on Guntrader at the moment at reasonable prices, and one in particular looks to be in very good order and with handsome walnut, too. The one proviso is that the non-adjustable cheek piece must suit her (though it can be sculpted a bit). The butt can always be shortened and a wooden butt hook can be fashioned by any competent wood worker. The Mark 4 BSAs also have a lighter barrel that might be appropriate, as well as adjustable and, in my opinion,.delightful triggers. Do not, however, buy one without the correct sights as they are very expensive separately.
  7. I have a surplus side mounted rear Trakker sight and bracket for a right handed firer - £220. The sight is in good condition.
  8. Hi what size is the eagle eye M18 or M22
  9. swift16


    Edit... Not wanted any longer. Thanks
  10. Items no longer used. Payment via bank transfer or cheque. SCATT USB Professional. £555.00 (incl: P&P) Anschutz Tenminator. Couple of scratches underneath from gun case. https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/ahg-Anschutz-Tenminator-Sight-Extension-Tube-129.html £125.00 (incl: P&P) Centra Eagle Eye 0.5x. https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Centra-Eagle-Eye-1393.html £25.00 (incl: P&P) Anschutz Race to include the Race Level. £60.00 (incl: P&P) SOLD Gehmann Cylindrical Lens System 579 to include Gehmann Adaptor 579-1. https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Gehmann-Cylindrical-Lens-System-579-594.html £75.00 (incl: P&P) Book Ways of the Rifle. £25.00 (Incl: P&P) SOLD
  11. Mike, When was the pistol last serviced, which type is the circuit board is it the newer type? How much were you looking for it? Matt
  12. I have a Morini 162ei with a med rh Rink fitted . I think Rink are generally larger than others and it seems more like a large to me. Great condition with two cylinders well in date. Could maybe move it on if you are still interested.
  13. Size 54 Black and white leather shooting jacket only used one season indoors includes bag and sling. Bargain £100 ono Photo on request by email Crewe area Cheshire
  14. Hi Ken, Seems like my mate already has a buyer! If things fall through, you will be first on my list. l’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your response. cheers Rob
  15. Hi Rob. I think my friend will be interested. Can you get me details of price wanted and any chance of a couple of photos? Ken
  16. 2014 Grunig & Elmiger X-Racer .22LR barrel and action in a System Gemini Bench Rest stock (prone grip and cheek piece). Mint condition and hardly used. £3000 ono. Photos available via email.
  17. Hello Mike Located in Norfolk, club is Winfarthing RC could arrange to meet at the club we shoot Tuesday mornings. Happy to post with postage included in the £75 price. Let me know
  18. I’ll take them Terry. Whereabouts are you ?
  19. Again another amazing iris Following features: 2 banks of Filter Single Polariser http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/centra-iris-aperture-18-competition-p-152.html?cPath=44_45 Asking £120 + P&P
  20. As above, Cracking Iris with the following features; 2 banks of colour filters Twin polariser https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Gehmann-48-Colour-Combination-Iris-568MC-303.html Asking £170 +P&P
  21. Hi, l know of a FWB 2602 in a MEC. Mk1 Ali stock. Left Handed with 24mm Dia. barrel. Not sure how it would suit you lady as possibly considered heavy? Despite it’s 20yrs ish age, very light use and well loved. Owned by a mate of mine who really looks after his gear! If you think this might suit, let me know and l’ll have a word to see where he is regards price. (Location Sussex). cheers. Rob
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