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Ian Morris

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3 hours ago, Ian Morris said:

Seems I have to reset password every time I log in.

Browser saves my password but it fails and locks me out for 14 minutes, which never works even left for 24 hours.




It's bad practice to let your browser save any passwords. I recommend that you use a password vault.



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Urban myth, browser security at home is more than secure for a forum.

I never use forum passwords for anything to do with banking so it's not a issue



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Hi Ian,

All the various password managers "do their best" with javascript/DOM manipulation to try and correctly fill in forms and submit them but they're not fool proof.

Have you checked that you don't have 2 copies of the creds in the browser's password manager?

I use LastPass and sometimes have issues with it on various sites if left to Autofill but if I right-click on the relevant field and then picking the correct site it works.

I can't comment on each user's PC/setup I'm afraid ... sorry.

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