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Anschutz Rear Sights for Scout Rifles


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Scouts RC have been offered a heap if Anschutz Match 54 rifles & a few 64s too, ideal for smaller kids etc but they dont have sights. 

If you have any old steel or ally framed Anschutz rear sights, (even bits to fix sights) that will fit & are willing to donate or sell for a token price then please PM me. Some basic foresight tunnels too.

Post costs can be covered or transport via network & Bisley. 

Maybe you upgraded & its in a box, or now do benchrest or just had a spare thats not being used? It can be put to good use generating future shooters. 


Thanks in advance Phil

Scouts Skills Instructor Shooting 

NRA Club Coach 

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18 hours ago, MIke Jenvey said:

I've got a standard rear sight I can donate to the cause.  Not down at Bisley for a while so I can post (or maybe drop off to / from work?).

when next there is great & thanks very much thats brill.  

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