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University Shooting Kit & bits


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Brunel Uni RC have interest from over 250 students in shooting from their freshers fair! after 2 years of no activity thats a fantastic result.

Over the last 2-3 years the kit has denuded, lost, broken & they are missing some bits - can anyone help? - cheap or donations or bits to fix or ID where to get them cheap etc :

  1. 20 guns socks (a bulk order) - all the rifles had surface rust after 2y in store. 
  2. Quick detach sling loops (42mm) for those ESE hand stops - 4 off. 
  3. ESE slings or similar.
  4. Gloves - any.
  5. Bipods - the simple black ones that lock in the rail, not fold up.
  6. Scops stands or bits of them to make ones that work....... 
  7. 22 cleaning kit  - jags, points, brushes & patches.
  8. Spare parts for Rhom twinmaster pneumatic air pistols. 
  9. Older stroke pneumatic air rifles or 177 break back air rifles. (student proof ones). 
  10. A Walther hand stop sling loop. - famously different from all the rest! 
  11. Simple adjustable rear sight irises for their competition guns. 
  12. Odd 22 ammo - leftovers, ends of box/batch, abandoned etc for freshers to shoot off. 

Can anyone help? if so please message me or contact me I'm on FB, shooting forums etc.

There are other Uni clubs & possibly near you - after 2 years of generating no shooters their current club members were 1st years when lockdown prevented them from learning to shoot! they need help to survive & regroup - if you can spare time coaching, helping, supervising, fixing kit then they need it & now especially this year. In the last 4 years we lost - Reading, Glasgow, Coventry & Uni London uni shooting clubs. Others are struggling to reestablish so if you love this sport now is the time to help! 

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41 minutes ago, jamesgutteridge said:

Tried to drop you a PM as I've a few bits and pieces that might be useful but forum says you can't receive any more PMs. Feel free to drop me a message to discuss!

PM in box was full - got the messenger ones - others if you couldn't send? - try now i emptied it! James thanks for the offer of kit. 

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