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I used to look at the forum every day but recently (last year or so) it's only been occasionally when I remember about it (hence coming late to this thread). This is because, as Neil alluded tod, it seems to have become more of a buying and selling platform rather than a discussion forum and there don't seem to have been very many meaty topics for people to vent.. er, talk about recently. Even the dropping of the Engilsh Match from the Olympics doesn't seem to have got much attention. Two or three years ago there might have been a couple of pages-worth of posts on that. Maybe all the interesting things have already been talked out.


BUT, having said that, there is definitely a place for this forum as it is. By all means integrate it further into the twitface world (won't make any difference to me), but as long as the opportunity remains for knowlegeable people to expound and share their views and expertise with others and provide the opportunity for others to ask questions, then it should keep going much as it is. As someone said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Meaty topics will occur, just can't predict when.


I agree with the poster who said it's a useful archive. I've looked up old posts more than once for info I'd forgotten but knew it was here somewhere.


Put the 'donate' button back by all means.

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Not really in to the facetubetwitterers type social media here!   I have always appreciated the level of sensible comment and the considered opinions that members spend a deal of time thinking abou

Does the forum need to change, what's the driver here? Personally, I appreciate this forum as it is. I have met and heard opinions from shooters from all over, I have made much use of the buying and

Just donned my hard hat so thought I'd add my opinion. Excellent forum, it serves it's purpose and more. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Don't assume that we are all social media FOMO addicts. C

31 minutes ago, Bill said:

Looking good, Neil.

Maybe you could set the dates to be UK format (d/m/y & dd mmm)?

I've modified the language template and think that should be it now, can you refresh and check?


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I would say...keep it SIMPLE  SAFE and REASONABLY COST EFFECTIVE......I am afraid I ...along with a number of members.......  I am not particularly technically minded..nevertheless..I certainly appreciate this forum so I would be happy to pay some sort of fee. but as others have said ...we have to keep and encourage new members, and it is possible that the members

who will stay / join... will be the hard core shooters  (of a certain age). so...its the rock and a hard place scenario...but I am certain whatever decision is made will be the right one.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank you and any contributors to this extremely useful forum.

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@slug33ukuk The update applied is exactly for that reason, to keep it as secure as possible.

Tbh, I would enfoce 2 Factor Authentication did I not think it might knock out quite a number of members but that is the way the technology world is going, just look at your online banking for example.

I need to sort out that donation button again ;)

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