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Various Accessories Surplus to Requirements


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Now that we are able to go shooting again I decided to have a sort out of my equipment and have identified the following items that are surplus to my requirements. Please feel free to contact me regarding single or multiple items, some of which have never been used and some that have had little use:

Anschutz   Precise Sight Black & Silver Little Used £345.00
Anschutz 7020 Rearsight (20 click) Black Never Used, still in box £315.00
Anschutz 4765 Buttplate Silver Never Used, still in box £210.00
Centra 1908881Si Spy Sight (short) Silver No Foresight raiser block £300.00
Centra 19940005 Duplex Vario (3.4-4.4)   Little used, in original box  £180.00
Centra 19714002Si Duo Ring Glass Foresight 2-8-4.8 / 6.4-9.0 Silver For Anschutz, in original box £131.25
Centra 19714014Si Duo Ring Glass Foresight 2-8-4.8 / 6.4-9.0 Silver For Walther, in original box  £131.25
Centra   M18 Vario Swing Foresight Iris Black 2.6-4.9 (2.0 ring thickness) £92.25
Centra 19915901 Block Club Raiser Blocks (Front & Rear) Silver For Anschutz £60.00
Centra   Track Raiser Blocks (Front & Rear) Silver For Walther £57.00
Centra   M18 Level I Silver Green bubble has become clea £33.00
Centra 19918816 Lenshood II Black For Anschutz 7002 £28.50
Centra 19454013Y M22 High End Circle  Yellow 4.0/1.3 £24.00
Centra 19454114Y M22 High End Circle  Yellow 4.1/1.4 £24.00
Centra   Metal storage box for M18 High Ends   Holds 20  £20.00
Centra 19903010 Ring Set (6 coloured rings) Various Screw onto rearsight Iris £12.50
Centra 19423410C M18 High End Clear 3.4/1.0     £12.00
Centra 19424110C M18 High End Clear 4.1/1.0     £12.00
Centra 19424710C M18 High End Clear 4.7/1.0     £12.00
Centra 19424810C M18 High End Clear 4.8/1.0     £12.00
Centra 19424811C M18 High End Clear 4.8/1.1     £12.00
Centra 19424813C M18 High End Clear 4.8/1.3     £12.00
Centra 19454114C M22 High End Clear 4.1/1.4     £12.00
Centra 19454314C M22 High End Clear 4.3/1.4     £12.00
Centra 19454412C M22 High End Clear 4.4/1.2     £12.00
Centra 19454512C M22 High End Clear 4.5/1.2     £12.00
Centra 19454612C M22 High End Clear 4.6/1.2     £12.00
Centra 19454812C M22 High End Clear 4.8/1.2     £12.00
Centra  19205001 Sight 1.8 Tiny Black & Silver   £112.50
Centra    M22 Centra Level II Silver   £48.75
Freelands   FSCV Hand Stop Silver   £45.00
Gemini   Buttplate Blue No pins included £222.00
TEC-HRO   System 2.0 Rearsight Raiser Block  Black For Anschutz/Walther £37.50
TEC-HRO   System 2.1 - Distance Kit Silver Raiser blocks for System 2.0 £25.50
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10 hours ago, yethiha said:

It is 1 cm width and 0.3cm deep 

Hi, it should fit OK. If it does not I would give full refund upon return.

Postage cost for item is £8.00 for recorded delivery incl insurance.

Send PM with email address and I can send you photos.

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