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Useful to know a little more information. 


Preferred type of action if any?

Reasonable round count for the barrel or happy to get new one fitted?  Barrel twist?

Fultons at Bisley have one or 2, such as this Musgrave.    Also a Mk3 Swing 1:14 barrel.  Not cheap (but Fulton's prices never are!), here is an RPA Quadlite, says as new 1:13 barrel.  



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For barrel costs, I had a new Krieger 1:13, 32” barrel fitted to one of my rifles in Aug / Sep 2020. 

Fitting + proof costs were about £900. 

So, never mind the faff / timescale / zeroing / barrel running in process, a second hand rifle with a near new barrel has to have that sort of value attributed to it. A “modern” action such as RPA / Barnard has to be worth about £1000 - £1200?  New Barnard action is about £1400. 

Add on say £500 for decent front & rear sights with irises. 

Adding that up, not much change from around £2500 for a newer style second hand rifle?  

Holts = good call, but don’t forget the 25% premium + VAT. Next auctions  in Jun 2021. 

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