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30mm RightSight - for sale

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I have decided to move to 22mm foresight tunnels on all my rifles, makes it much easier to swap irises, diopters, etc, & should give a more constant sightline.  So, selling my RightSight (30mm) - it will also help fund a different hand stop for my "old" Gemini RPA so that it matches the one on my new rifle - previous one is smaller (will be for sale at some stage in the future).

Offers over £300 please - the RightSight has a 0.5 diopter, integral spirit level, rain / glare tubes & a 4.0 - 6.0 iris (single horizontal bar), spare locking washer / attachment knob & solid rubber washers to keep dust out.  With original protective wrapping + foam-layered Tupperware container - free.  😉

(Also advertised elsewhere.)


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