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Rifle & Pistol Target Light Box for SCATT & Dry Fire


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Rifle & Pistol Dry Fire Target Light Box.

I've been making these during lockdown and they've proved very effective.

Homemade dry fire target box. Designed to be used with SCATT or just for home dry fire practice.

The box uses a 12v DC LED driver which produces a constant current eliminating light flicker.

Targets can be inserted into the back of the box using the small cut out at the top. A stencil is included to print & cut SCATT targets to fit perfectly in the back of the box. A standard sized NSRA 10m Air Rifle & Pistol will also fit.

The back of the box has two loop holes to allow fixing to a wall.

Box dimensions are 19cm x 19cm x 4cm. 

Area of visible target is 15.2cm x 15.2cm.

No target inserts are included, only the box with power cable and stencil are included.

Price £50 Inc p&p.








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Hi Old Lefty,

I can't say that it produces the same light as I've not seen or used the official one.

I used various LED brightnesses during testing of the build of this and settled on this one. So far everyone that has used one is very happy with the sight picture and the amount of light produced.


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