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Bleiker 6mm in System Gemini stock for sale

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My beautiful condition 6mm Bleiker in a brand new System Gemini custom built stock (custom built for the action, adjustable to the owner) The photos show the condition, it is lovely and shoots very good groups, even in my hands.

Available Isle of Wight or Hampshire or Bisley, email or call 07787 653578

With Bleiker foresight tunnel and mirage band. Some ammunition supplies also available.






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It may be over in the Isle of Wight (Tier 1) but in sunny West Yorkshire its still 'Stay home, Lock your doors, paint a cross on your door, and ring a bell in front of you if you do escape through a window'. (Tier 3).

Its very boring. However, there is a glimpse of light. Our club has two side by side ranges and it is permissible to have one person shoot in each range as long as no contact. (This is besides people who are in a bubble who can shoot together). We are thankful for small mercies. I am sure things will pick up in the New Year.

Lovely rifle though.

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