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Having a massive clear out lots and lots of kit and rifle


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Hiya all,

I hope i have uploaded this to the right place, it’s a little confusing as I have never done it before 

I have gone through and added a couple of bits and marked the ones that are sold.

adding stuff daily at the moment 

having a massive clear out of shooting kit and boxes etc.

Everything is a guide price and I’m open to offers 😀

i have a peli case im2500  great for putting more than one pistol in and for travelling the world - sold

Parker hale cleaning rod male fitting silver colour -£15

boretech cleaning rod black colour -£15 sold

anshurtz left handed  air rifle 2003 in mec stock great air rifle with a good barrel in been regularly serviced, as with all anshurtz it can be switched to right handed  - price on Asking 

Napier roll up cleaning shooting mat -£15

anshurtz cold winner top medium  not worn much- £50

mouche cold top never worn -£80 

shooting mat brand new never used  -£70 sold

ultra light glasses in case like new - £130 sold 

ultra light lens holder -£30 sold 

5x left handed shooting gloves -£10 each

fwb rear sight - £ 120 sold 

shooting trousers by Mouche in very worn condition but would suit a beginner to get started -£50

shooting boots kurt size 9 very worn condition again would suit a beginner -£50

Haring whizzed target holder  (electric) -£170 sold

small hard equipment boxes x3 -£5 each

Leather sling -£10

box for bullets -£5

rear Coloured sight rings -£10 sold

mec weights x2  -£10 each

rod guide  for Anshurtz -£12 sold

anshurtz accessory cases x2 -£20 each never used sold

gun sock/ sleeve - £5

It won’t let me upload pictures at the moment if interested in anything I can upload pictures as asked.

feel free to email me for pictures or other info on stuff










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Marking as sold
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9 hours ago, Wesley92 said:



rear Coloured sight rings -£10 - Will these fit all iris's? the rubber push on ones?

mec weights x2  -£10 each - Are these the U Shaped Tube weights? 

Hiya Wes

Did you want the sight rings ?

i have someone else asking 



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1 hour ago, Ra1ne said:

Hiya Wes

Did you want the sight rings ?

i have someone else asking 



Hey Raine,


If I’m honest I was mainly after the yellow so I’ll pass, sorry! 

With regards to the Barrel weights I already have that type I was after the ones that go over the barrel about 100g I believe 

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