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Anschutz 1813 for sale.

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Due to an upgrade I'm selling my Anschutz 1813 complete with accessories, it includes a Barry Nesom tube at 220mm long, sights, hand stop and glove and sling. 

The stock is a later 1913 laminated stock and is the only one I've seen like this, I read that there were blue & red laminate stocks of this type released in small numbers. 

The rifle and stock are in very good condition and the rifle itself is from 1986 going by the letter stamps. In total there are about 25 different elements for the foresight, It has a 18mm Centra foresight complete with level bubble and the rear sight is an Anschutz 6705. 

There is a heavy duty aluminium case with the rifle which is also in very good condition.

I've had the rifle for three years and have only shot in a winter league and have put a maximum of 2500 rounds through it in that time, I do not know the round count prior to that. 

I want £550 for the rifle and can arrange an RFD transfer, they usually charge £50 for a transfer. If you want more photos send me a pm with your email address etc. 

Regards Alan











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