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Peer Review - Community 10m Air Target Range

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Having set up a 10m Air Weapons Club from scratch I've put together a guide to help others do the same.

The modular range constructed has proved successful over many months and offers a low-cost easy route for any individual, club or society to begin in 10m Air Target. Groups like schools, Scouts, youth groups or traditional 'prone' only clubs looking to move into the more-accessible 10m Air scene will find this guide useful.

The illustrated guide includes details of how to manufacture butts, make your own 10m target changers and how to produce everything with just basic tools and DIY skills. 

The modular range can then be set up and taken down for each session without the need for any tools. 

I'm thinking of publishing and selling the guide to raise funds for our club.

Before I do that I'm looking for individuals who can look over the guide in the role of 'critical friend' to offer peer review of my work.

If you can spend a couple of hours looking over the guide and send me your comments/questions/suggestions - I'd be happy to forward a copy of the guide for free.

The first six reviewers will receive a free copy of my work for their review to be concluded by end of December 2019.

Please note the guide is all my own work and is a distillation of my own research and experiences over many months.  The guide is copyright and should not be copied, published, shared or otherwise distributed.

Please message me if you are able to offer your time to review this guide.

Thank you.



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