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Wanted 'vintage' H&N Mattch rectangular pellet tin

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I've recently bought a 1960's Hammerli Master Co2 target pistol in a fitted case and I'm looking for a 'period' rectangular H&N Match tin (grey and white) to fill one of the cutouts as shown below...

Does anyone have one in a drawer somewhere?


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The missing tin looks like it was the same as I used to buy when I was shooting air pistol back in the late 1970's/early 80's - it contained foam trays of selected H&N pellets.

I think I also used to buy selected Eley Match pellets in the same tin - but with the different logo printed on it !

I still have some un-opened tins of Eley Match pellets that I bought when I was shooting in the NSRA finals when they used to be held in the Sophia Gardens in Cardiff - (same sort of time period ) - goodness knows what the pellets would be like inside the tins - but they have never been opened and the  tape seals are still in place.

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