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Club Closing Down Sale

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Chandlers Ford Rifle Club is sadly winding up after loosing our range, detailed below is equipment that needs to be sold.

Please contact John by email (jcfo1933@gmail.com) with offers or to obtain more information.


List of items for sale :-

Shooting Matts  11

Andrew Tucker – 4 fold – Rectangular Elbow patch (6 available)

Andrew Tucker Roll type- Rectangular Patch (2 available)

No name Blue – 4 fold     -   Rectangular Green Patch (3 available)


Shooting Jackets  9

Two. Canvas “Buttstop” RH Size 40, Older Style, Button fitting.

One. “American 10X” Canvas, RH40, Older Style , Button fitting.

One. Andrew Tucker, Canvas, RH36, Older Style, Zip fitting.

One, Andrew Tucker, Canvas , RH Small (No size), Older Style with Leather top half, Elbow Pads with leather strap fitting, Zip fitting.

One, No name , Thin Canvas , LH 38,Older Style-    Note:- rather taty around collar, Zip fitting.

One, NSRA , Canvas,RH38,Older Style, Zip fitting. Note:- rather grubby

One. “American 10x” Canvas, LH 40, Older Style, Button fitting.


Telescopes and Stands


One. ”Tasco” Prismatic Scope , Straight Eyepiece , 60mm Object Coated lens, a bit battered front end with no lens protection caps – Lenses not damaged.

One, “Greenkat” Prismatic Scope, Straight Lens Eyepiece, 60mm Object Coated lens,20x, a bit battered Front end , hence no protection cap, however, Eyepiece protection cap. Lenses not damaged.

One. No name, Prismatic Scope, with Stand, Angled Eyepiece, 20-60-60, 60mm Object Lens with clip hinge protection cap, Rubber type push on Eyepiece protection cap – 36cm Overall length comes with Canvas Case.

One. Unknown make, Prismatic “Target” Scope with Angled Eyepiece and comes with 4 other “X” eyepieces ( 15x,30x,40x,60x) currently fitted with 20X eyepiece. These additional eyepieces in Plastic holder and Wooden Cover. Object lens hood extends, length  (min 51cm,max 56cm). Comes with “handmade” Plastic coated over cardboard protection caps. Can be supplied with Stand if desired (See Stands below)

Two. “Greenkat” Prismatic Scope , Straight Lens Eyepiece, 60mm Object Coated lens, 20x. Both scopes come fitted with Eyepiece and Object lens metal protection caps.


Stands – Various Types and Styles.

One. Parker Hale (NSRA) Bipod Scope stand fitted with 5 coiled springs on scope holder attachment, (Original NSRA style fitting). Adjustable for height and angular positioning. Original Black hammerite paint finish but not in pristine condition. Would look better after TLC.

One. Home made Aluminium Bipod scope stand , supplied with angled scope head attachment, Rounded Cup holder to take “Greenkat” 60mm (OG) style scope, fitted with 5 steel coiled springs (Original NSRA style fitting).   Needs minimum attention to stand – tight screws.


One , Wooden Rifle Box.

Original owner used this for Left Handed BSA Martini-International MKII .



One, BSA Martini-International MKII ,(1954) (UD8**X),Left handed standard weight 14 lbs , fitted with original sights

One. BSA Martini-International MKII, (1956)UE6***X) Right handed standard weight 14 lbs, fitted with original sights (Vernier scale missing on Backsight). (Chequered  wood stock finish).

One. Pre 1939 , BSA Martini , Right handed , Lightweight rifle. Model type unknown – BSA Model 6 or 6a. No (2***7)

One. Anschutz , ISU Standard 9 ½ lbs (1407),(6***4) Right handed bolt action. Approximately 1967.  RESERVED


Mitts/ Gloves. Various, mainly for right handed , some mitts can be used by right handed or left handed shooters.

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