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My Shooting kit for sale - a sad day for me. - All items are now sold - Many thanks


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Dear all,

I have a couple of recent enquires looking for some items.

Just to let you know I have now cleared, sold, or donated the last few Items.

Many thanks for all your help here.

Good luck in your shooting and for those who can remember him...

...In the words of the late Bert Brookes of Ely - "Aim high and shoot straight!!"

All the best



Dear all,

I have reworked the spreadsheet to show the final position. I plan to run this for one more week and then to sign off. Thanks

Many thanks for the that have been in touch already.

I have updated the spreadsheet with what has been sold or reserved. Thanks to all.

I am having to stop shooting.

I have a bit of a collection of equipment I have built up over the years.

For those of you who have bought some of my kit previously, you will know that I look after my equipment!

As there are a number of items, I have listed the items on a spreadsheet as attached. Most of the items are self explanatory and the condition is as described. If you need photos or more information please let me know.

There are still Shooting Equipment for sale - sold 5.xlsxShooting Equipment for sale - sold 5.xlsxa few bargains ready for Bisley!

I also have an Anschutz air rifle for sale at a reduced price - currently listed on page 9 of the forum.

A sad day...





Shooting Equipment for sale - sold 5.xlsx

Edited by AlanF
Status update - All items sold.
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2 hours ago, dog box said:

Hi Alan...have you any pictures ? could be interested in the gemini buttplate...I can give you my phone number and you can send me a pic message if you wish


I will take some photos in the morning, I am out this evening.

I will get them over to you.

If you can PM and let me have your contact details I will send by lunchtime tomorrow.


All the best Alan

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