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Complete Shooting Kit For Sale

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Devon shooter has the following for sale:-


1 x Walther KK300 Prone Rifle RH only 8 months old only had 1460 rounds down the barrel with ally stock centra hand stop and front sights and butt


1 x full set of front sight elements in box


1 x five colour filter for diopta


1 x Eagle eye


1 x Champions choice fully adjustable scope stand


1 X Opticron scope with 22x 30x eye pieces


1 x Anschutz RH 101 top grip glove


1 x buttstop double canvas jacket to fit 44” 112 cm


1 x Anschutz constant sling


1x Anschutz leather sling


1 x good quality shooting mat


1 x Walther shooting bag to carry it in


1 x 5 gun safe with internal locking top box new five point locking style.


1 x Ammunition safe with 5000 plus capacity


lots of other little bits and pieces cleaning kits etc included



£1200 O.V.N.O

Eddie 07979 243695

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Sorry Emma the whole lot went to one shooter locally very quickly and he got a great deal with a whole load of stuff not listed

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