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Morini Free Pistol ( Long Arm) CM84E

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Due to advancing years, some infirmity of my right hand and wrist and little opportunity to use the Morini Free Pistol which I purchased when they became available as Long Arms, I am selling this excellent electronic trigger 50m Free Pistol. During my years of ownership it has seen fewer than 1000 rounds through it, being only used for one winter league and several Eley Competitions. The grip is a large size which has been slightly modified by Tom at the NSRA to accommodate my lower fingers, but any new owner would want to further modify this in any case to suit their own needs. The current new price is between £1650 and £1750 and I believe that the option of the extension rods for adherence to UK firearms law is no longer available. I am looking for around £1000 to include the box. Anyone wishing to buy it must have a space for a long arm on their certificate. I am in West Mids.

2018-10-04 15.00.36.jpg

2018-10-04 14.59.53.jpg

2018-10-04 15.00.08.jpg

2018-10-04 15.00.17.jpg

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