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10m rifle stand wanted

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Many 10mtr air rifle shooters, especially those who are starting out or have limited funds, buy a DIY light stand from Screwfix or a similar supplier then remove the lights & modify the stand to provide a small platform where you rest the rifle. Also the 3 legs can be rather longer than required for the weight of the lights & these can be shortened with a hacksaw so they take up less room.

Compare the price of this type of stand plus a bit of work with a purpose built stand from Tec Hro, Gehmann, Kurt Thune etc & there is a considerable saving.

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We have been using stands of the type that are used for holding microphones and cymbals from drum kits etc for some years now at our club with complete success.

The stands are very sturdy, they are height adjustable and chrome plated so they look good as well.

They have been fitted with a small flat wooden top of a similar size to the purpose built stands from the usual manufacturers and have a layer of old yoga mat or any other similar type of foam (often sold for camping underlays)  glued onto them to protect the underside of the rifle.

The finished result looks very smart.

These stands can often be bought secondhand at very good prices and if you upgrade in the future they can still be sold-on again so they are very "cost effective" too!


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